Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Not Just Soup & Grilled Cheese

Whether you cook your own soup and grilled cheese or purchase it at a restaurant take the time to be mindful of it.  Any meal you make or any meal you eat has been nurtured in some fashion before it ever reaches you.  With tomato soup and grilled cheese - the tomatoes were planted, watered, weeded, harvested – the wheat was planted, watered, weeded, harvested, milled into flour, which is in your bread – the cheese…well, you get the idea.  Then these ingredients were put into your meal and cooked for your enjoyment.  A lot of energy went into your meal and I am not talking about just the cooking of it.  As you consume your meal be mindful of that and appreciate each delectable bite.  Believe it or not being mindful of the little things can make a huge change in your life and your connection to Spirit.

Photo by Arnold Gitilao

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