Monday, August 22, 2011

If the Shoe Fits

Have you been told time and again that you are not good enough? This is something that is painful to think about, but it can be helpful if you are ready. As a child, were you told you were a pest, you did not understand this or that, you should be quiet, you weren’t good enough? Think back to your teen years. Were you ever made fun of? Did you get turned down for a date or dumped? Never made the team or never allowed to get off the bench? What about as an adult? Been fired? Passed over for a promotion? Told to keep your mouth shut and just do your job?

Okay, sometimes we do things that might make us a pest. Sometimes we really aren’t good enough to play on the team. Sometimes we mess up and should be fired. So, perhaps sometimes the shoe fits, BUT it doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough overall!

We all have unique and special talents that we are good enough at doing! So, if the shoe that someone else is trying to shove your foot into doesn’t fit, kick it off and be willing to put on the shoes that do fit you. In fact, if you prefer, just go barefoot. At some point, you may find a pair of shoes that fit perfectly or you may change shoes along the way. The choice is yours after all!
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