Friday, August 5, 2011

Here is a little trick to get your partner in the mood while doing laundry.

Next time your partner is doing laundry, use this little trick to suggest a little fun after the laundry is done.  Go to your lovers intimate draw or yours if you lover doesn't have any sexy sleepwear.  Pick out something that really turns them or you on.  While your partner is not looking throw this item in the dryer with a finished load.  Image what will be running through your partners mind as they pull out this sexy little piece of clothing from the normal everyday items.  For added effect you might put a note at the bottom of the dryer saying "Did you find my sexy outfit?  I would love to wear it for you" or "That sexy little number you found, I would love for you to wear that for me tonight!"  You might just find your partner doing the laundry a little more often this way.  

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