Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Don't Clean That Up Yet

Do you have a child that seems to make a complete mess out of the house when he/she is playing? Does this make you feel a little frustrated after having to pick up after him/her day after day? Well let’s look a little closer at what you are complaining about. I have often heard that some of the most creative people have issues with neatness. Papers strung across their desks, files in disarray, yet they still come up with the most amazing ideas and creations. Albert Einstein was said to have had one of the messiest offices ever, and I hope you would agree that his theories were amazing.

So as you look at the mess your child has created should you really reprimand him/her for it or should you look deeper into the mess and see the absolute beauty in it. The imagination that goes into playing and creating and yes leaving a mess behind is something we don't want to put a lid on now, do we? I would much rather see that child creating and making a mess than sitting lifeless in a chair playing video games. Understand that with a great imagination little bits of paper strung across the floor might be a vision of a snow storm or confetti from a party in an alternate plane or maybe even a cure for cancer.

Perhaps, the next time you are having trouble coming up with a good idea, you should sprinkle snow (paper) all over your desk and see what happens.

Don’t limit an imagination. Allow it to bloom and grow. That is where the truly great ideas come from.
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