Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bugs Are So Crafty

A few weeks ago, my husband Rob saw a small bug run across our living room floor. He got a tissue and went to gently pick up the bug. Of course, the bug was quite frightened and zipped out of his reach My husband said, “Come on baby. I am not gonna hurt you.” He then said to me, “They are so crafty.”

It truly is amazing how bugs can move so quickly and get away from us. We are like the thundering cumbersome giant…”Fe, fi, fo, fum”….kabooommm (Oops, he fell down again.).

I think we should appreciate the craftiness of those little bugs and take a lesson from them. Don't look up and say "Oh, *#@*! I will never survive. I give up." Instead, be crafty, be creative, and be strong.

Love to your creative natures today!
Photo by alma sacra

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