Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Blended Spirit

We all have a spirit as individuals but when you are in a committed relationship and love your partner, do you realize that you have a blended spirit?  This is the part of the two of you that grows together.  When you seem to know what the other is thinking you are starting to experience this blended spirit.  Have the two of you had this happen where you are both thinking about the same thing and it is like you are reading each others mind?  Well that is your blended spirit at work. You don't lose your own spirit when this happens, the two of you form this great new spirit as it's own being.  It takes on it's own life and it is there to help the two of you stay connected and grounded in your relationship.  This is one of the important factors that helped us vision our site Inward Oasis come join us there and with our help and Relationship Coaching and Sacred Sexual Coaching we can help you better understand the spirit the two of you share.

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  1. I adore this picture and living the life it represents. Yummy x