Saturday, July 16, 2011


We all need a good support system. Without one the hills and valleys of life are just not the same. The journey up the hill is more treacherous. Even the descent into the valley can be more difficult. If the tire on your car goes flat and you have a spare you may have to drive a few miles on a donut until you can replace it. Sometime people just keep driving and driving for days (maybe even weeks) on that donut. It puts the driver and all those around her at risk.

If you find yourself feeling alone or even lonely within a group of others, it is time to find a good support system. Quit riding around on the donut. Reach out to others that have similar interests as you. You may be able to find a group who meets regularly in your area. Or, you can even go so far as to find groups on Facebook that have similar interests as you. Find a class that interests you. It can be a weekly class or just a class that runs for a few weeks.

It is so important that we have support around us or that we can access. It certainly warms our hearts and souls to know we are not alone.

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