Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spend a few quite moments together

The Yab Yum Postions is great for connecting with your partner. 
You know we spend so much time worrying about the conversations in our relationships that sometimes we forget about the silence.  It is a good practice to also be quite with your partner.  Be it a meditation, yoga, or just time to hold hands and nothing more.   In my opinion right before you head off to sleep is a great time to spend this quite time together.  Find a positions that is comfortable to you, the yab yum position is one of my favorites.  This is where one partner sits in the others lap, it allows for maximum connected ways to touch each other.  Then spend several moments, whatever is comfortable to the two of you, in this position in silence.  Use your touch to communicate to your partner you can stroke their back, run you fingers through their hair, or just embrace each other during this silence.  Let this be a time to quiet all the chatter from the day and relax within each other.  Enjoy the breathing of your partner and just be present with each other.  If you are like many you will find this practice to become a staple in your relationship.  

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