Friday, July 29, 2011

Saving Money as a Couple.

Here is a little tip for the two of you to save a little money.

Go out and purchase some storage containers that you would consider the size of an individual portion.

Now find things that you can make that you can divide into these containers and freeze to be eat later.  This is a great way to avoid all those nasty processed meals you either take for lunch or that you eat at home when time is short.  We personally make a Mexican soup that works out great for this.  We use natural ingredients and then have a wonderful meal at our disposal at any time.  By doing this you will not believe how much money you can save.  So instead of giving you money to those big corporations that give us unhealthy meals we can same some money and eat healthy.  What a wonderful concept.  Below is my recipe for Mexican Soup try it out change ingredients if you like and see how much money it can save you.

Rob's Mexican Soup

Ingredients : Black Beans (1 Can), Kidney Beans (1 Can), Chili Beans (1 Can), Corn (1 cup), Green Pepper (1 Diced), Jalapeno (2 sliced), Celery (2 stalks sliced), Rice, Cumin (to taste), Cilantro (to taste)

Directions : Put all ingredients in crock pot or slow cooker, except for rice, on low for about 5 hours.  Make your rice separately and add after the 5 hours is up.

Divide your portions out and place in your storage containers.  You might also like to top your soup with shredded cheese or tortilla chips.

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