Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Make a trip to the store and fun and exciting thing.

We all have to go to the grocery store at some point and time.  We have to get the food and products to help us survive in this lifetime.  This chore can sometimes become a hassle as you dread the lines and the constant going back and forth for things you forgot.  Actually going to the store can really be viewed as a drain on your day.

I suggest you make it an outing for the two of you.  Don't get stuck in the grocery store rut.  Invite your partner and treat it as a date or a time out for the two of you.  Have some fun act silly and enjoy each others company.  Get someone to watch the kids and enjoy your shopping time without your little loved ones asking for everything they see.  Challenge yourselves to find new, exciting, and healthy foods for your family.  Heck if all else fails you can people watch and see all the characters that come into the store.  Using this technique will help break you out of the boredom of shopping each time you go.  You might even start looking forward to it.

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