Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Choose How You View Others

Do you want to change the world around you? Do you find that others don’t understand you? Do you feel like an outsider sometimes or do you feel that if you shared your views people would not understand? Taking a bold stand is not for everyone, but you can change how you view others. We need to appreciate their differences. Sometimes that can be quite challenging especially if someone stabs you in the back or tries to manipulate a situation. You don’t have to accept unpleasant treatment from others – just try to remove yourself from it. Most importantly do not allow yourself to get worked up over it. Breathe it in, then release it and let it be. You can choose to change how you react, how you feel about things even if you can’t change the “thing” itself.

By doing this you will actually change the world around you.  It will no longer matter how understood you are.  You can focus on other things than being left out in the cold - perhaps, being in the middle of those around you at work or wherever would not make you comfortable anyway.  You get to choose how you view others and how that will affect you.
Photo by Peter Baxter

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