Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Use the Love diet.

Kissing it could change your life.
Everyone is obsessed with losing weight these days.  Frankly America could stand to lose some weight as a nation.  Well I have come up with the the answer for everyone.  Snacking seems to be most peoples downfall.  We snack because we don't have anything better to do or because we feel like we have to as we watch a movie or television.

Here is my answer, when you get that craving to snack instead start making out with each other.  Kiss passionately and fill that void with love and enjoyment instead of snacking.  It works when you are watching television or a movie as well as any other time you might desire a snack.  Now you will start craving your partners lips on yours instead of putting those chips across your lips.

Do be afraid and try it what is the worst that could happen?  You and your partner will enjoy some kissing like you use to have in the early days of your relationship.  Guess what?  Kissing also burns calories so instead of consuming calories you will be burning them up so in you will be doing yourself twice the amount of good.  On another note it could also lead to a little more physical activity which will burn even more calories are you starting to get the picture.  I think I will start writing the intimacy diet book soon, it is sure to be national best seller, what do you think?

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