Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lovers / Day Time

Daytime Lovers are healthy lovers.
Being lovers during the day time is sometimes a little difficult for people.  However you can improve it by just thinking about how you would like to have your lover treat you.  If you can find time for a little intimate play during the day that is great.  However most people work and have children to deal with during the day so making a sexual connection during the day is almost out of the question.  However you can start setting the mood for intimacy during the day.  Send you partner a sexy text message, or leave a sexy note in their underwear drawer.  Kiss them passionately as you leave for work and tell them there is more to come later.  The best way to be a lover during the day is to build anticipation for later in the evening.  Couples is a strong love/sex life have been proven to live longer and have better health.  So where does your love/sex life stand can you improve it?

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