Friday, June 10, 2011

Eat fruit it is sexy.

          There is not better food in my opinion that is sexier than fruit.  A nice juicy apple, the sweet goodness of a banana, or the flavor of a grape.  Fruit carries the sweetness from a natural perspective.  Why do I associate sweetness with intimacy?  I am not sure but for me corn, celery, carrots or any other vegetables are not as sexy to me as the delicious taste of fruit.  I suggest having fruit on hand all the time.  Have it sitting in a bowl on your table, put it in your other foods such as cereals in the morning or on your ice cream at night.  When you bite into your fruit tell me how it feels, is it a bit orgasmic that rush of sweet juicy flavor.  Now you might not agree with me, however you at least have to try it out and see now that I have put this seed in your mind.  After you eat your sexy fruit you will have to let your other desires run their coarse and see if you can consider fruit an aphrodisiac.  

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