Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spiritual Sex and some information.

          Spiritual sexuality is connecting to someone on a level beyond the physical. Throughout our lives we are conditioned to understand sex only as physical. It is the physical part that translates into pleasure. We see this in movies and written literature. We are conditioned to believe that sex is either for pleasure or for creating life.
What if I were to tell you there was another kind of level of sexual connection? What if I told you that when you connect at a spiritual level, you transcend into a new a level of being? This is a level of contentment within yourself and with the world around you. What if I told you that if you could learn to find contentment at this level, you would attract an abundance of positive energy and love?
If anything, this may sound very interesting to you on many levels. Does it not? So how do you get to this level? It takes some time and giving of yourself. When you think about sex, there is really not much to it. I mean there is the physical act and then nothing more. But when you look at sex from a spiritual level it takes on a whole different meaning.
Sex at a spiritual level starts with the touch. There is so much that can go into a touch. From a spiritual standpoint your touch must not only be gentle and loving, but it also should be the point of an energy exchange. Through this point you are releasing and receiving from your partner. She or he must also be sending and receiving this positive energy flow. The act of sex turns into a connection of positive energy flows.
These energy flows heighten the experience. It is not all about the sexual urge to reach an orgasm but an urge to feel your partner in a way that can only translate into a mutual energy exchange. As you and your partner proceed your energy levels increase. You bodies become one.
The positive energy that is exchanged can release an emotional flow that is hard to control. Yet it is best to just go with the feeling and not control what is happening. As you send and receive energy, your emotions will rise and fall as if you are traveling on a roller coaster.
This feeling is normal at first. As you practice more you will be able to understand these feelings. The bad emotions that come forth will gradually heal and those good emotions will be heightened.
If you have come from a very bad relationship and have fears of intimacy, this is a wonderful way to heal your inner self and move on in life. Yet I caution you to find a person that you can connect with in a positive spiritual way. As there are good energies and positive energies in life, there are also bad ones.
Receiving bad energy from someone can not only suck the life from you physically but also destroy you spiritually. Practice opening yourself up to the world. Your inner feelings will always warn you of bad energy entering your life. Push that bad energy away. Give it back to the Universe. Allow yourself to accept only good energy into your life. When you master this, good people will be drawn to you.
Just like with anything in life this kind of spirituality take practice. Finding a good mate or partner takes time. Give yourself the time to enjoy life, give out positive energy so that you can receive the same.
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