Monday, May 23, 2011

Sexy isn't just on the outside.

These ladies are screaming out at how sexy they feel.
Photo from Creative Commons.
          I feel that we put to much pressure on the sexy aspect from the outside and in how we look or what we wear.  Don't get me wrong I really enjoy lingerie and sexy clothing.  However I think sexy comes from part of your attitude also.  Your actions can mannerisms can be just as sexy as anything that you can wear.  The way you carry yourself before you even get close to the bedroom can heighten the sexy quality in your relationship.  Touch can send shivers down your partners back, kisses can have a little more passion in them, not to mention where you kiss your partner can have a dramatic affect on them.  The biggest thing about being sexy on the inside is having confidence in your ability to be sexy.  Carve out your own style and find out what works best on your partner and soon they will be putty in your hands.  

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