Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Massage Tips

Massage tips to help your relax.
Getting a massage allows us to relax our bodies. But, more than relaxation of the body, it can also bring about repose of the mind. It can serve as a way to rejuvenate ourselves after a long, tiring day or week.
So, if you are looking for a massage that caters more to the mind than it does to your body, here are tips that you can look for when choosing a massage style which can offer the best possible internal relaxation.
Whether you are the one giving the massage or the one receiving it, you need to be particular about several things before you can be sure that optimal effects are attained.
Choose the surface. There can be different preferences when it comes to the surface of the massage table. However, most would definitely prefer to have one that offers the best possible comfort. A sturdy table is important. But, you should make sure that it is not too hard to lie down on.
Also, a wide table may be a little difficult for the one giving the massage. So, one that is narrow but have the right space to accommodate you would be enough.
Add comfort. Although the surface can provide comfort, it does not end there. You also have to make sure that there are pillows and cushions for the bony prominences of the body. And of course, the head part should be well protected.
Warmth can be another factor that can ensure comfort. You can use towels or thick blankets for this purpose. When doing the massage, remember only to expose an area one at a time.
Vital areas. For a massage to be surely relaxing, the body parts that have the most tension should also be given importance. Most of the time, these are the necks and the shoulders, or the whole of the back. Maybe, you can ask the person who is receiving the massage where the areas you should massage.
Massage styles. Although a deep massage can be very effective in relieving tension from different body areas, the most relaxing styles are those that do not involve the deep muscles and tissues of the body. You can make use of slow and gentle manipulations.
You don't really need to study these different styles. As long as you can use gentle strokes with relaxing motions, you can be sure that your massage is as relaxing as it could be.
You can do a circular motion at certain areas. The back can benefit greatly from gentle kneading.
Use Scent. Since our goal is to offer a relaxing massage that is focused on relaxation of the mind, the use of scents will bring us closer to the achievement of this goal.
Choose scents that are most commonly used if you are not sure of a person's preferences. There are a lot of aroma therapy scent but the most common are the scents of lavender, which is said to be the most relaxing scent, jasmine, rose, citrus scent, and a lot more. You can have these scent sprayed, in the body oils you will use, or you can make use of scented candles.
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