Thursday, May 19, 2011

Make your kissing interesting.

          Kissing is kissing, I have heard from so many people.  However I feel that it is an art form all in it's own.  There are so many ways to kiss and I want to challenge you to try out as many different ways of kissing as you can.  Change the angle of your head, lean in different, or even kiss a different part of your partners face then they wereexpecting.  Using your hands during kissing is a wonderful and exciting extra.  Touch your partners face as you kiss them or slip your hand into the small of their back to add a little zest to your kiss.   Pull into the kiss, run your fingers through your partners hair or down their back are all added excitement you can put into your kiss.  I would love to hear how others add more passion into their kisses so please comment below and for lack of better words, "Kiss and Tell"

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