Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Love is like water.

Photo from Creative Commons.
          Love is an amazing feeling in our lives.  However it is more then a feeling it is energy and is constantly flowing or wanting to flow much like water.  You can damn it up however it is constantly trying to find a crack or a way around the damn.  My suggestion is to let it flow like the might rivers.  Let your love find it's twists and turns and touch as many as it possibly can.  If you study chakras you understand that water is the sign of the second or sacral chakra and the reason is because of it's flow.  If you have blockage here you need to connect to that chakra and start to loosen that blockage to get your flow going again.  Other things might come up to block your flow but just like the power of water your love will always find a way around or through it!  Keep loving and keep living.  

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