Sunday, May 22, 2011

Let the energy flow between you, with touch.

          Touch is one of the most valuable tools in your quest to have the best relationship ever.  It has been shown how important touch is to children as they grow and mature.  Why wouldn't it be the same for a relationship?  Doesn't it feel great when your partner touches you?  Don't you feel more loved when a caress accompanies the words, "I Love You"  Touch is important for foreplay as well as support in hard times.  I feel you should make it a point today to start touching more.  Start in the mornings while the two of you are still in bed and just reach over and feel the warmth of your partner.   Touch them before they head out to work and when they return.  Reach over and touch them at dinner and caress them as you both fall asleep.  Make sure you make it a point to touch their skin and let their skin feel the sensation of your skin.  Make this effort and I promise you that your relationship will benefit from it.  

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