Monday, May 9, 2011

Find a little place of your own.

Photo from Creative Commons.
          We can always find a great place to eat with the same old menu. Places like Chili's, or Applebees are in every decent size city to accommodate our evenings out together.  This is fine for when you want the same old entree that you know you will enjoy.  However, to spice up your date night or your dinner out why not try to find someplace a little out of the way.  A place with some character, a mom and pop place that has not only history but a since of adventure within them.  These little places are usually not loud and crowded like the chain places.  The food however is most of the time a lot better.  This is because more effort is put into the preparing of your meal, heart and soul are in the kitchen carving out a life for themselves.  It's not the local college student preparing your meal in the way he/she has been taught.  Search out and find these quaint little places and see if you can find out the charm and the history of the owners or founders.  You might get more then a wonderful dinner on your date, you might just soak up some of the love that goes into these little wonderful spot on the planet.  

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