Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Creative Date Idea.

Rain can be a fun way to enjoy a date.
          Next time you get a warm summer rain, make a date to enjoy it.  You have several ways to enjoy this warm summer treat.  First you could just sit on a porch and listen to the rain and snuggle up on a porch swing.  A very romantic thing to do without a doubt, but I want to suggest something a little more wild.  I suggest that you get out and experience the rain first hand.  Grab your partners hand and venture out into the drizzle, venture out and feel the cool drops as they caress your skin.  Take turns jumping in puddles and kiss in the down pour from time to time.  Always be safe however and if there is lightning then stay out of the rain.  If no lighting is around then enjoy one of natures gifts as a date with your partner.  After this enjoyment you can then venture back to the house strip off your wet clothes and get snuggly under a blanket.  Who knows it might lead to something a little more.  

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