Saturday, May 28, 2011

Can becoming Spiritual (not religious) help your relationship?

          One thing that has catapulted my own relationship to new heights it bringing spirituality into it.  I am not talking about religion but the deeper meanings of life.  When we introduced the deep topic of spirituality into our relationship we very quickly found ourselves getting closer.  We didn't agree on all things but our acceptance of each other believes and feelings grew tremendously.  During this time we filled bankruptcy and lost everything we had.  This is a time when most relationship might have thrown in the towel but through this we grew closer than we have ever been.  While we are still not totally back from the depths of our financial troubles we are feeling so strongly about what adding spirituality into our relationship has done for us that we started another site that helps others find peace in this manner.  That new site is called Inward Oasis and will be the basis of our new business that is helping couples find their place in this world.  You can find our new site at  Check it out and start building or healing your relationship and yourself today.

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