Friday, May 27, 2011

Be a Role Model for Each Other.

          You know we all look or looked up to someone at some point.  Be it a teacher, a family member, or a celebrity.  Now that we are in a loving and wonderful relationship it is time for us both to be role models for each other.  I am not talking about putting up posters of each other in your bedroom.  Maybe we should change this from role models to support models.  We should each show support and encouragement to our partners in whatever we do.  Say you are dieting help be the support model and stick with the diet not only for yourself but for your partner, same goes for exercise.  You both need to push each other a little.  Maybe you are starting a business or one of you is looking for a new job.  Make it a point to work together on these type of things and not just sit back and let the other partner struggle with putting all the effort into it.  You can be the support model in so many ways from pushing a little, to just being there when they need a shoulder to lean on.  This is what being in a relationship is all about cooperation.  

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