Monday, April 18, 2011

Not in the mood? put a little trust in your partner it could be magic.

          Have you ever had one of those days where it seems your partner is really excited about making love and you just don't seem to be in the mood?  This can be a tricky situation for the both of you.  I personally think this is an area that trust comes to the fore front.  You have to express you mood to your partner and then you have to trust them to either one say okay or to trust in the fact that they will take the time to get you in the mood.  Slowly helping you rise to the occasion and building your libido slowly.  Long extended foreplay and passionate kisses can sometimes change the mood.   This is where you have to TRUST your partner, give them the chance to turn you on!  You know you love them, that is not the question and they know you love them.  Each level of intimacy is a magical moment in time and every one of those magical moments you miss, is one you cannot get back.  Next time this happens put a little trust in the true passion you have for your partner.  Then enjoy the magic.  

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