Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Help them heal

Sometimes we don't even know how deep mental wounds are.
           Your partner might have some deep wounds from childhood or past relationships.  These are important things to understand if you are trusted with them.  If your partner opens up to you and expresses them to you, you have a great responsibility to uphold.  Now you must try to understand why he/she feels the way he/she does.  When he/she pulls away from you, it might be because he/she is stuck in that moment or it resurfaces some manner.  It could be an action, or it could be other things like a smell or the vision of something.  Your position in this is to help your partner heal and be there for him/her in the greatest capacity.  You might just need to hold him/her or let him/her have space.   Always ask if he/she would like to talk about it.  If not, don't push.  Let it come naturally and when the time is right.  Helping your partner heal from these wounds will depend on how deep the wounds  are.  Be supportive and understanding and in time he/she will come to you and let them out to you.  

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