Saturday, April 23, 2011

The best laid plans.

          Have you ever made plans only to have them dashed by something unexpected pop up?  Maybe your child got sick or you had a family emergency.  You want to get upset over it but you know that you can't do that.  Your plans were made out and you got excited about them and then bam, they were dashed to smithereens in a matter of seconds.  Although it is hard to do you cannot dwell on this little bump in the road, nor can you worry about these things popping up.  You have to look at it this way, the unexpected thing that popped up was put there for a reason.  Maybe it was to help you avoid something that might have happened.  Don't be so quick to judge these unexpected events.  Have you ever heard of the people that have missed their plane for one of these unexpected pop up events.  Only to find out the plane crashed later.  Think of it that way the next time something happens when you have plans for a wonderful evening get away.  Maybe just maybe that unexpected thing that happened kept you safe or helped you avoid something that would have had a negative affect on your life.  You life is your journey and the path is laid out so take the bumps in stride and enjoy the ride.  

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