Friday, December 30, 2011

A Fascinating Conversation

What is our nature of existence?

There are as many paths and natures as there are souls.

What if two souls are on the same path, is there a path empty somewhere?

No.  Two souls can not take the exact same path.  It may be very similar and headed for the same destination, but the journey will be different even if they meet along the way and share part of the journey.  

This could be a deep discussion.  We would love for you to share your thoughts.  All comments are appreciated. 

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Getting Ready for your New Year as a Couple

New Years Eve is a specific event that is designed for couples.  From the kiss at midnight to ringing in a new beginning and those resolutions.  People plan their New Years Eve Celebrations sometimes years in advance to make sure they get to the party or place they want to be.  However if you haven't made plans by now you are going to have to wing it.  Make your own party, invite friends over, play games such as trivial pursuit or question games.  Being with other couples on New Years can form friendships that will last a long time.  However maybe you want to have a more intimate setting and ring in the New Years with just the two of you.  Find a quite spot for the special kiss or spend it snuggled down together staying warm watching the stars.  The choice is yours and I am sure you will pick the one that best suites your relationship.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Snuggle Up Football Bowl Games are Here

This is the time of year to snuggle up on the couch and watch your favorite college football team.  Bowl time is here and all the best football teams are still playing.  With a wide variety of choices you and your beloved can watch some stellar athletes compete for championships where their is no money involved for the players.  Just a desire and a will to win.  Get some snacks and a comfy spot to snuggle down and cheer for your team or the underdog.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The JOY in Dear Friends

A very dear friend of mine shared these words a few months ago with me.

"The less stuff we put between our hearts and our true work, the better."
                                         --Joy Riach--

Are you sharing your love with the world?  Are you following your heart?  Are you loving yourself?  Are you listening to and finding the beauty in what those around you say?

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa's Helpers ;)

Well, it is Christmas Eve.  If you don't celebrate Christmas, then this post just might not be for you :)

Tonight is a great time to share a special night with your beloved.  You can exchange "special" gifts with each other tonight.  If you have kids, you will obviously have to wait until they are in bed and you have taken care of Santa's work.  But -- afterward, you can take some time to intimately play at being elves ;0)

Is role playing and dressing up usually not a part of what you do?  Tonight is a great opportunity to try it out or at least add it in just for the occasion.   

Enjoy your Christmas everyone!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve??

Christmas Eve Eve. This day is the final day to relax before the festivities begin.  Sure Christmas Eve is not an actual holiday but so many people start their Christmas on this day.  Going to relatives houses or friends then to spend Christmas with their immediate family.  So that makes this the last day to relax before Christmas hits.  Take time to spend it with your beloved.  Get a bottle of wine, or just sit and snuggle up and watch it snow.  Make this your special time together and make it last as long as possible.  Sit up late into the night talking and remembering holidays past.  This might just be the best part of your holiday season.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Share Your Joy With The World

We spend so much time decorating the inside of our house and maybe even the outside of our house.  Is that decorating for us or enjoyment of others.  If your like me most of that decorating is for my family and myself.  Here is a little thing the two of you can do this holiday to spread cheer into your neighborhood.  Take some decorations and decorate something in your neighborhood that many will see.  Do a telephone pole or a tree in your park heck you could even decorate up and down your sidewalk.  Get permission from the proper authorities before you start and just tell them you want to spread Christmas Cheer throughout the neighborhood and unless it causes a safety issue I don't see why they would say no!.

Other ideas might be to decorate a vacant house, or a tree of someone who can't get out and do it by themself.  You might even do it at a local playground or at a shopping center.  Use your imagination and spread your holiday spirit around the world.  

Monday, December 19, 2011

Helping Hands Are a Great Gift Idea

You can give so many gifts and spend a lot of money on the holidays this year.  However some of the best gifts you can give don't cost a thing.   Volunteering and giving a helping hand can be one of the most rewarding things you can do.  Go help out at a soup kitchen or help someone fix their home that is in desperate need of repair.  You can even deliver meals to those that can't get out of their house.  When you do this as a couple you really form a bound that is special for the two of you.  This holiday look for a way the two of you can help out those less fortunate than you and give that gift.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Did I Just Get a Cheeseburger?? I Only Order TEA!

It is true that we can get so wrapped up in other things that we don't even notice what we are eating or for that matter what the waiter or counter person even gives us.  Below I am reposting a brief post I wrote a while back about a good friend of mine who experienced this quite to her surprise :)  

Sometimes we are just plain mindless!  We get so wrapped up in other things in our minds that we go on autopilot.  What happened at the office?  What are we having for dinner tonight?  What do I still need to pick up at the store?  I wonder what homework the kids will have?  What time do they have guitar practice and cheer practice again?  Oh, shoot, I didn't pick up little Joey's guitar from home!

Today I was visiting with a friend when she shared just such a moment with me.  She stops every day and gets an iced tea from a local drive through.  Yesterday she pulled away and thought to herself, "Oops, they didn't give me a straw."  She had extras in the car so it wasn't an issue.  In a couple of minutes she thought, "Why does my car smell like food?"  With her extra straw in the cup she took a sip only to be surprised that it was soda and not tea.  Then she looked over in the passenger seat and saw a bag of food from the restaurant.  She was amazed that she could have been so zoned out and on serious autopilot that she took the bag of food from the drive through employee without even noticing.  

It makes for a good laugh later, but it can also be a good wake up.  Being mindful in our daily lives is not always easy, but we miss so much when we allow ourselves to become mindless instead :)  And, you know as well as I do that we all fall into the mindless category at times.  The key is try to be mindful more than mindless.  

Photo by Aranami

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Using Candle Light as Sexy Decoration

Before the technology of electric lights became available, people use to decorate for Christmas with candles.  We know there is a safety factor that comes with candles that most of us don't want to have to worry about.  However their is something romantic about candle light and the flicker it gives off.  It changes the whole mood of the room.  Companies have figured this out and have created flameless candles where the light is soft and flickers like that of a candle.  So know you can have the best of both worlds.  There is nothing like the flicker of soft candle light that is safe.  I feel sexier already.

Friday, December 16, 2011

One Constant is Change!

We share with you every day about couples.  This youtube clip is to remind (or teach) you that everything changes.  That is the one true constant in this world - impermanence.  Change in our individual lives, change in our relationships, change in the world beyond.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sexy Challenges Brings the Holiday Cheer

Sexy Challenges does it again with a great new addition to it line of great scenarios for couples.  OOOOhhhh! Christmas Tree will have you celebrating the holidays in a new and exciting way.  Not only will this issue improve your holiday spirit but it will start you improving the intimacy in your relationship. However don't stop there Sexy Challenges has several other issues to help out in your intimate life.  Click the link below and check out the selection for the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and on iTune as well as a print version.  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brian Setzer a Great Christmas Musician

Brian Setzer is one of my very favorite artists to listen to at Christmas time.  He breaks away from the soft and mellow sounds of normal Christmas Carols and rocks out with them.  One of my all time favorites is his duet with Ann Margret on Baby it's Cold Outside.   Play a copy of that to get things heated up during the holiday season.  

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Monday, December 12, 2011

For God's Sake Don't Do That!!

Have you ever encountered people who want to rush off to another country because "those poor people don't know who God is!"?  They want to go on "missions" to "save those poor people!"  Really!!!!!  Usually I am a person filled with love, compassion, and respect for others, but when people believe their way is the only way and that all others will perish if not saved, I feel a bile rise in my throat.

How is it that people can believe themselves to be loving, non-judgemental, and spreading (their) God's "word" when they believe that others must follow their religion or else.  They believe that their "God", their "religion" is the only way.  These are the people that I truly feel sad for -- not the native peoples of those foreign countries that "don't know Christianity's God" or so many others who have different traditions and follow different religions. 

The important thing is to feel a connection to your spirituality - however that works for you!!!  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  The Divine presence, the Universe, God, the Supreme Being, the collective unconscious, the Higher Power, etc. does not punish.  It/he/she/they are PURE LOVE....which includes the beauty of our world and nature's magnificent power - yes, that includes tsunamis too.  We still feel sadness for those who suffer and we should most certainly be there for them and help them, but don't blame God or Mother Nature or anything else.  This is it, experience it, learn from it, and open your heart to your spiritual connection.  There are as many paths to enlightenment, nirvana, Home, Heaven, etc. as their are souls.  

Smile today and feel the love of All and for All!   

Photo by ShashiBellamkonda

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Confetti Kisses Gives You Two Ways To Connect

The Sexy Challenge Confetti Kisses comes with a special bonus Sexy Challenge, Message in a Bottle.  Take some time from you holiday shopping to spend a few moments with your lover.  

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Old Shows

A great and fun thing to do late at night is to watch a show you did many years ago, a classic.  You can find many movies but I am talking about a normal television show.  You can get many of them on dvd or on digital download now.  The beauty of it is NO COMMERCIAL, that is one of the reasons I don't watch television now.  We recently began watching old episodes of Seinfeld and have been laughing at all the wonderful characters in this sitcom.  Maybe Seinfeld isn't your bag but there are plenty of wonderful entertaining shows out there.  Pick something and watch a show here or there, without the commercials the shows are a lot shorter and easier to watch.  Now I am going to watch Kramer slide into Jerry's apartment.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Friend's Love

A Friend’s Love
The rain drops
Plop, plop, plop
The fire sizzles and hisses
With each drop of rain

The wind blows
Breathing life into the fire
My foot stamps frantically
Trying to put it out

Suddenly a friend
Touches my shoulder
And stands in the fire
By my side, smiling

No longer is there need
To stamp out the fire
Its life energy is a teacher
And, I, the student

Walk through the fire
Whether in darkness
Or brilliance
Be in awe of the flame

The smoke may thicken
My destination be obscured
If I am too afraid
I know I can reach for my friend’s hand

Exiting the fire
Relief washes my body
Until I see all around me
Infinite fires – big and small

With a smile
And an open heart
I look for my dear friend
Only to see now he walks through fire

The tides have turned
The moon is new
The leaves have fallen
The season has changed

With love and compassion
I enter the fire
And touch my dear friend’s shoulder
It is my turn, to gently hold space

--Janelle Alex

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lovers Quote

"The best relationships are like extra blankets on the bed, they keep you warm in cold times."
-Rob Alex-

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just Lie Down - Get Grounded

We all need to feel grounded and centred. We all too easily can lose our balance. It is not possible to constantly stay perfectly balanced, but here is a simple way to regain some of your balance. Find five minutes in your schedule (or one or two if that is all you can spare) and lie flat on your back with your arms at your sides. And, just breathe ... in and out...take your time with each breath. Doing this throughout your day can have amazing changes upon your body and within your soul.

Photo from Creative Commons by Marc from Boft

Monday, December 5, 2011

Great Time of Year for Singing

One of the best things about the holiday season is the singing.  Christmas carols are a great way that people come together and sing.  However if you don't celebrate Christmas that doesn't mean you have to shy away from enjoying the singing during this time of year.  Find songs that fit your lifestyle and let sing them out loud.  Go out and go caroling it is a great way for friends to get together and spread joy and peace in your neighborhood.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer

“I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can always control what goes on inside.” - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Photo credit: miluwa

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hang Some Mistletoe Over Your Bed

Want a great way to start your holiday season out?  A simple idea is to hang some mistletoe over your bed.  Now you have a symbolic reason to kiss each time you meet in your bed.  Who knows this might even spark more joyful occasions during the holiday.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Sacred Healing on iTunes!

We recently put this Intimate Adventure: Sacred Ceremony for Couples up on iTunes for FREE.  This is a perfect Intimate Adventure to start with.  If you haven't checked these out, we highly recommend them. They truly can transform your relationship and your life.  Within just a couple of days of this one being uploaded to iTunes it climbed to #3 under Health, Mind & Body: Spirituality.  We are in awe.

This ceremony is a beautiful way to release worries or troubles in or around your relationship.  But, in conversation with a dear group of my friends in regards to the horrible happenings at Penn State the realization came to me that this ceremony can be used to focus healing on others - even those we don't personally know.  The events at Penn State are heart-wrenching.  How can we help?  Well, we can send light and love and we can do this ceremony for sacred healing of the victims as well as the accused.  Those at fault obviously have very serious mental/emotional/spiritual health issues or they would not have committed such acts.  So, I ask you to remember that we can not only heal ourselves, but others by focusing our prayers and healing ceremonies toward them.

Light and love to all of you!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Less Cereal, More Money, & Less Weight

Cereal is a staple of our society here in America.  However it can also help change things in your life.  Check out this video and see what cereal can do for you!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Remember to Breathe

Life can be stressful. Many things may come at you seemingly all at once. It is of utmost importance that you remember to breathe. By taking a few deep breaths you can release much of your stress and find some calm. Your body will appreciate the extra oxygen.

Sometimes it just seems that there is so much piling up that it is hard to keep your head above water. When that happens strap on an air tank and take the dive...don't fear it. But, you must remember to breathe!! And, when your head is underwater you must learn how to breathe...with pressure pushing down on you breathing is not natural at first. Trust yourself to learn how. You can do it. And, you can actually enjoy it and see all the beauty under the water...through the stress...just breathe!
Photo by Gina Smith

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Decorate Your Love For Christmas

Okay if you celebrate Christmas or not this is the time of year you can really decorate your love for the holidays.  How you might ask can you decorate your love?  Well there are so many different things you can do around this time of year.  For starters you can make a date out of shopping, instead of the entire focus being on rushing around, show down and experience this time with your beloved.  Next decorate you bedroom for the holiday.  Blinking lights and ornaments shouldn't just stay in the living areas of your house.  This will automatically add a little change to your bedroom activities.  Most important way to decorate your love for the holidays is to slow down and enjoy what is really important at this time of year, the ones you love.  Make cookies, go caroling, or take a sleigh ride create some wonderful memories and try to out do this each and every year.

Monday, November 28, 2011

In the Midst of Chaos Be Present

You are running here and there, the phone is ringing, your list of errands is growing, the dog is barking and begging to go for a walk, your teenager is playing the drums, and you can't find your car keys.

STOP!! Are you being present? Or, are you just running around like a chicken with its head cut off? Take a breath and be in the moment. Answer the phone if you can, pat the dog and in a soothing voice tell him you will take him out soon, listen for a moment to what your teenager is playing, and your car keys will show up soon enough. And, if your youngest comes to stand in front of you covered in paint, take a good look at the beauty of the "artwork".

You and only you can choose how to react to events in your life. A dear friend recently shared a quote with me, "You own your emotions, your emotions do not own you." So, take control :)

Photos by: Maya Kruchancova & Christophe Ursitti

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time To Break Out the Christmas Music

Brian Setzer is one of my favorite Christmas Musicians

If you are like me one of the favorite parts of Christmas is the music.  You get to break out the wonderful sounds that you only get to listen to for about a month.  This music is most likely very different from what you listen to the rest of the year.  It is comfort music and creates the feeling of Christmas.  It can take you both back to your childhood as you listen and remember those wonderful days of the past.  Take some time this year and just plop down on the couch you and your beloved and spend a few hours taking in these wonderful songs of Christmas it is a beautiful part of the holidays.  If you have children get them involved and discuss everyones favorite Christmas song and why it is their favorite.  If you don't celebrate Christmas that is okay do this with other music you listen to and just let the soothing music take you to a different place.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jump & Shout

Don't hold it in.  When you feel excitement, joy, happiness, playfulness let it out.  Let others share in your delight.  It just might brighten their day too!!

Photo by Christophe Schmid

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday is it Worth it?

Black Friday Crowd, or Lynch Mob?
Black Friday has become a tradition for many people.  Getting up early on this day and trudging out to fight crowds for specially priced items with limited numbers.  Marked as the start of the Christmas purchasing season Black Friday can be a nightmare for some.  With the limited number of items many stores have, and the overwhelming crowds Black Friday can be frustrating and harmful to your health.  My suggestion if you are going to experience Black Friday is not to take it to serious, use it as a time to connect with the family and friends you go shopping with.  Understand that you might not get the items you are looking for, know that people will be rude and pushy.  My suggestion is to go into Black Friday to start spreading Christmas cheer and joy.  Maybe if everyone did this on Black Friday they might have to change the name of it.


Pick up this great Sexy Challenge just in time for the holiday season.  Stay home avoid the lines of Black Friday and purchase an e-reader for you love.  Then load up all the great issues of Sexy Challenges for them and this gift will give you back more in the coming days.  Find all available Sexy Challenges at:

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What about the Native Americans? They Made Thanksgiving Sexy, TOO.

Gratitude with Attitude.  
Okay okay I made a boo boo in a recent post about Sexy Pilgrims and forgot to mention the Native Americans.  It was a combined effort to produce this Holiday.  Native Americans are sexy because of their connection with the environment.  We can still learn a lot today from the Native Americans and their respect for the land.  Another important part of Native American heritage is how well they treated each other.  Within the tribe each and every person had their place in the village.  Love was an important part of the life of the Native Americans.  They were passionate and natural lovers.  They protected those they loved with everything they had and yet were so giving to others.  This is the force behind Thanksgiving, it would have been easy for the Native Americans to turn their backs on the Pilgrims and let them starve to death.  Instead they help these people that needed it, should we not all take this lesson form the Native Americans.  

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Win $100

WIN $100
Joyful Couples Contest

This book is about sharing with others.  It is about sharing a quick story, special moment in your relationship or a quick tip on how you keep your relationship alive.  It is great fun to fill out a couple pages of your own story and then add other couples' stories/tips.  You can write their stories or have them write it in.  It is a great book as a wedding gift, anniversary gift or shower gift!  And, right now it could win you a $100 gift card to Amazon.

RulesSimply get your copy (only pay $.01 plus shipping & handling), fill it with your story and the stories of others (family, friends, co-workers) and mail the completed copy back to us.  You have until January 15th for it to reach us.  We will have a drawing (from those who returned us a completed/filled out copy of Joyful Couples) on our radio show, The Relationship Guides, on January 18, 2012. All stories or tips shared in the books will be kept confidential unless we receive permission to share them.  

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TED Talk - We Have to Change NOW

Monday, November 21, 2011

Are Pilgrims Sexy?

Check out this Sexy Pilgrim posing.
As we fast approach Thanksgiving we start to honor a holiday based on gratitude.  We start thinking about how important and appreciative we have or have not been during the year.  That thought process needs to start with your lover.  Do you appreciate them?  Do you show them how much they mean to you, often?  If not, today is the day to start making a change and show how much you love them.  So, my opening question was, "Are Pilgrims Sexy?"  If they get us to pay more attention to the person we love then they are DAMN SEXY!  Except for those buckles on their shoes.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Your Spiritual Family

For much of my life I have repeatedly wondered just where in the heck the rest of us are? I had close friends growing up, but still felt that I was missing so many others. I can’t say that I understood that, but I just knew there was more to my life and more members of my Spiritual Family out there somewhere.

I have encountered a few of those beautiful beings over the years, but in the past year I have been blessed to find so many more of my Spiritual Family. They are spread out all over the world, but the connection we share is truly beyond this human experience. Today I honor those in my life and the special expereinces I have had this past year.

When you feel that connection to someone be witness to it. The other party may or may not recognize you as well – it just depends on where he/she is on his/her journey. And, the prospect of knowing someone from Home and having shared past lifetimes is often a topic few are willing to broach.

I have come to find that most importantly I want share love and compassion with the world and when I am able to connect with my spiritual brothers and sisters I rejoice – and hopefully, they recognize me and rejoice as well.
Photo by zaphad1

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hobbies for Couples

Yoga can be a great hobby for couples.
Recently I did a post on couples finding their niche.  I had many emails about what hobbies are good for couples.  Although I cannot tell you exactly what hobby will work for the two of you, I did find a website that can help.  The website is called Hobbies for Couples, they have a lot of suggestions for couples to look over and pick from.  I am so glad there are sites out there like this to help couples improve their relationships.  Remember when you can find something fun to do your relationship becomes fun.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Find Your Niche as a Couple

All couples can benefit their relationship by finding something that they can work on or learn about together.  Trust me if you both find a common interest, it can transform your relationship.  Sure time apart is great.  The bad part is that you usually end of doing fun stuff when you are apart.  In this you start associating having fun with being apart.  Well when you find something you both can get into and have fun doing or learning, you form a bond that is special.  You will start making time for this activity together and start desiring this time together.  The options are endless but I suggest finding a new activity both of you can get into together.  This way you learn from the start together.  The information will be new to both of you at the same time and what a way to connect.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving is Coming.

I am thankful for leaves, my dog, that bird, the grass, and my zig zag shirt.

It is getting close to the holiday that we should be celebration everyday.  We should be thankful for all we have everyday in our life.  However sometimes we loose sight of that.  As we muddle to Thanksgiving this year I want you to take some time each day until our feast day and think of five things you are grateful for.  As you shower or get ready for the day each morning run through this list and then go over it again at the end of the night before you drift off to sleep.  We all have so many things to be thankful for that we sometimes forget.  Get you partner involved and trade thanksgivings with them each and every night until the Holiday.   Heck you might want to keep this going all year long.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Coupons Savings Spiritually

We never thought that coupons could bring us closer.  However as you watch this video you can see that saving money always helps a relationship.  Heck it can even improve it if you watch until the end.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rain rain go away??

Rainy Day in Romsey Town

Well, we wanted to go out and shoot a quick new video for all of you, but the fall weather had other plans.  Rain, rain, rain.  Big gusts of wind.  Blowing leaves all over.  It really made for a beautiful image, but doing a video outside was out of the question.

Sometimes, things just don't go the way we want them to.  It is important to remember that it is okay.  There will be another time...and, perhaps, we were really meant to work on something else on this particular day!  

Whatever life throws at you - take it in, consider it, accept what you can, and learn something from it.  Then, take a deep breath and leave the rest of it behind!

Photo by Alex Brown

Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 a Special Day!

With the interest everyone has in numbers today.  11/11/11 stands out as a special element.  What it means I don't know for sure.  All I know is that with 3, 11's something must be lining up to be special.  I know I will be keeping my eyes open on this rare day.  I personally think it is a great day to celebrate and break free from those things that are holding you back.  It sounds like a good day for change to me.

Create Your Chili Recipe

Everyone has their own recipe for chili.  You might have gotten yours from your grandmother.  Now that you are a couple it is time for you to branch out and create a chile that is one for your relationship.  Take an afternoon and together discuss things you like and dislike in chili.  Keep a list of the things you like and once you have exhausted all options look at your list.  You now have the ingredients for your very own relationship chili.  Call it what you like, use your last name such as the Alex Chili or create a romantic name for it like Love Chili.  Whatever you decide this chili is made for the two of you and your family.  This is the recipe you will pass down to your children and they will make until they combine with their future partner to create their own chili recipe.