Friday, December 31, 2010

Get ready for your big kiss tonight

          Tonight is the night where you can make a kiss last a whole year.  The ever popular New Years kiss is about to happen.  As we celebrate our past year and the new one coming up we use this kiss as a ceremony to ring in our New Year.  Make sure you are ready for this big even tonight use chapstick throughout the day and practice your pucker to make your kiss the best one of the year.  My feeling is you should start kissing before midnight and then keep kissing until the New Year comes in.  Making this kiss transcend time by covering two years.  Great Idea, huh.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Give a signal

          Trying to tell each other what feels good during sex seems to be a trouble for a lot of couples.  Something about giving orders or criticism during the event seems wrong to some people.  Yet we all want to feel good and have our needs met.  My solution to this problem is to set up some signals so that you can communicate to your lover while not having to verbalize your feelings.  The next time the two of you have a conversation about sex set us these signals to tell each other how you are doing.  Tell them if you tug on their hair that means you like what they are doing or that if you tap their shoulder you would like them to do something else.  These signals are totally up to you and you can have as many as you want.  Have one for when you are ready to try a new position or when you want some oral stimulation.  This way you don't have to say, "Oh that doesn't feel good" or "Oh MY GOD don't stop that"  unless you are comfortable saying those things.  

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Making love needs some light!

          I am betting that most of the sex in the world today takes place in the dark.  What a shame this is.  I understand that some people have issues with body image and that being in the dark helps to hide in that manner.  Now I am not talking turning on all the bright florescent lights like that in a hospital.  I am talking about getting some candles or better yet get some of the new flame less candles for safety.  The reason why I like a little light is because it adds something to love making.  You can now looking lovingly into your partners eyes or get turned on more by her naked breast or his rear end.  You can see as your partner makes you feel good and watch them kiss and tantalize you.  This can bring a thrill to your sex life like you have never had.  Think of the image of your lover flickering in candle light as they move in to kiss you, how sexy is that.  

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to work for most of us.

          Well most of us are back to work today if you weren't yesterday.  It seems like that time around Christmas passes so fast.  My theory on that is that it is because you are having a really wonderful time with the people you love.  So instead of wishing that time would slow down make sure you enjoy all of that time and realize that it is because you are in love that it passes so quickly.  Hold on to the memories and realize that when you are living life it is moving fast only when you stop loving does that time seem to slow down.  Enjoy the fact you are in love so many people out there are looking for that feeling and you my friend have it so revel in it.  

Monday, December 27, 2010

Special New Years Eve Plans.

          If you haven't made New Years Eve plans by now you are most likely out of luck.  If that is the case, or maybe you just don't have enough money to go out to a fancy New Years Eve party it is time to create your own.  Ask you friends what they are doing and if they are interested in having a New Years Eve get together.  You can find board games to play or have special movies available to watch together.  Maybe just some great deep conversation would do.  Obviously the point would be to ring in the New Year with other couples.  If that doesn't work or if the two of you want a little along time on New Years Eve plan a little romantic night around the changing of the year.  Go to dinner or make a special meal, get videos or games the two of you enjoy playing, talk about your future and where you want to be next year.  Write all the great ideas down you have about your future and then the next new years see how close you are to those dreams.  The important part is for the two of you to be together as the New Year comes in, get that first kiss in and renew your love.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Take it down together.

          We always seem to have a special time while putting up the Christmas tree or decorations for the holidays.  Yet when it comes time to take them down we seem to be in the mind set of just getting them down and put away as fast as we can.  Why don't the two of you make a special time of putting away the decorations.  Spend the day together gently packing and remembering the special ornaments and decorations that you have.   Play the last little bit of Christmas music for the year, maybe get a bottle of wine to share if your staying home and enjoy each other as you put all the things away for the year.   Spend the whole day doing it if you like and take your time to make it special and so that all your memories are ready for the next Christmas.  Heck you might even put a note in the box with the decorations on your feelings during this season to read when you get them out next year.