Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas out there to all the readers of The Couples Spot hope your holiday is fantastic and the love you feel lasts forever.  Take time for the two of you and make all your holiday dreams come true.

Love to the World!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Special Present

          Christmas is here and it is time to share with your family and friends.  Yet as a couple you need to find a special moment or two to spend just sharing the holiday between the two of you.  Maybe you have to meet in the closet for a special Christmas kiss during your crazy family gathering.  Saving a special present to give during alone time is another way to share a special moment between the two of you.  Try to pick out he most memorable present you have to give at this time.  If you get any jewelry this would be a good time to give it or if you have anything sexy this would also be a good time to give it.  While the holidays are suppose to be about family and people you care about it is okay to give your relationship some special attention.  Not only does it make your relationship stronger it help make all your holiday spirit more special.  

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Romantic Drive looking for lights

          Want a fun and romantic thing to do this holiday?  Just hop in the car and start searching for wonderful houses decorated for the holiday season.  Many have special things set in their yard while others will have amazing lights lighting up their property.  It can be a very romantic time just searching around together looking for these holiday treasures.  If you have kids it can make it even more fun as you enlist their help searching as a family almost like following the star that lead the wise men to jesus if that is your belief.  Sometimes you can see the glow from far away and sometimes you will just happen upon them.  Make sure to make note of the ones that are you favorite as they most likely decorate every year.   This way you can plan out a route the next holiday season.  

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas eve is when the naughty people get their presents.

          Christmas is a warm and wonderful time of sharing and caring.  People are excited and filled with joy as the are thinking about others.  This is especially true in a relationship as you search for things for your partner to show you love.  What happens if you and your partner want to get a little naughty around this time of year.  Do you want to buy them something sexy this year or maybe something the two of you can enjoy together.  Well you can't have them unwrap a sex toy with the kids Christmas morning.  That is why Christmas eve is the time for the naughty presents.  Take some time once the kids are tucked away and the family is gone and find that special naughty present and share it with your partner as while no creatures will be stirring.  The peace in the house on Christmas eve is a perfect time to share something intimate.  Be it a present or just some special intimate time this is the perfect opportunity.  Making love to each other on Christmas eve is the best present to start off with.  You know the morning with be filled with a different excitement but tonight take time for your relationship and get a little naughty.  Santa won't mind!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time to hang the Mistletoe

One of my favorite traditions is that you have to kiss your lover under Mistletoe.  You can use this to your advantage by strategically placing Mistletoe around your house.   Think of places you would love to be kissed or would love to kiss your partner and then set to work to place your mistletoe.  Put some over the top of the shower, how about over the kitchen sink so you can kiss them as they are doing the dishes, or what about placing it over your bed and surprising them with amazing passionate kisses before you explain and point to the mistletoe above.  Heck you could even rap some up and give it to them as a present for them to place somewhere.  As always be creative and think of how and where you would love to be kissed then make sure not to break tradition and kiss through out the holidays.  

Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Touch Each Other

          You know when you are sitting watching a movie or sitting beside each other reading.  Why not touch each other?  Put your hand on your partner's leg or caress his/her arm a little.  It can be an intimate touch without being sexual.  Let him/her know that even though you are enjoying the movie or book that you are glad to be doing it together.  Letting your partner know you are present and not so absorbed in what you are watching or reading that you are forgetting he/she is with you.  Touch means so much and we don't do enough of it in most relationships.  Don't be afraid to hold hands, put your arms around each other, or stay in a hug a little longer.  These simple touches say "I Love You" and they let your partner feel you love him/her.  

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Be Grateful of what you have today.

Today's post is quite simple.  I want you to look around and be grateful for all you have in your relationship.  Do you get to snuggle with your partner, do they let you sleep in, did your partner take out the trash, or did he/she make supper last night so you could do other things these are all examples of several thousands of things I am sure you can think of once you start looking.  Being grateful for what you have is the way to be content and happy with your relationship.  If you are constantly looking for the negative in your relationship that is how your relationship will be negative.  So, start looking for the things you are grateful for today and let your partner know they are special to you.  It is amazing how much better it will make your life.