Saturday, December 4, 2010

Time, find ways to share it.

          These busy lives we lead consume a lot of time.  Yet our relationship is the one thing we tend not to spend enough of our time on.  We hustle and bustle from work, to activities and find time for our relationships.  We end up at the end of our day tired and putting our relationship off.  This is where we need to take a look at what we are doing during the day to find the time to spend in our relationships.  Do you really need to go to that non profit meeting after work or is spending time with your friends taking up to much of your time.  You need to evaluate these activities and see which ones you can avoid to save time for your relationship.  Why would we want to short change our partner?  Sure we are going to spend the rest of our lives together but do you really want to have to get to know your partner when retirement comes?  Today is the day to start getting to know each other and become the best of friends.  

Friday, December 3, 2010

Leave your underclothes on for a little excitement.

          I think on of the lost arts in an intimate relationship is petting.  Most of the time we shuck the clothes and jump into bed and start our foreplay or intimacy.  There is some excitement however to old fashioned petting.  Petting in rubbing your partners genitals or erogenous areas while they are still clothed.  You can think of it as foreplay but I like to think of it as pre foreplay.  It has a wonderful way of giving a different feel to your normal touch.  Depending on the type of fabric the clothing is made of can change the feel from time to time.  See how excited you can get your partner while they still have on their clothes.  It will be very obvious as they become aroused.  This will also extend your intimacy and build anticipation for the final act.  If nothing else leave your undergarments on and fondle each other as if they were not there.  Touch, lick, or kiss like you would if the undergarments were not there.  Soon you will sense the enjoyment of your partner.  Try it tonight and see how far a little petting will take your intimacy.  

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Don't always put on cologne or perfume.

           Smelling nice is a wonderful and alluring thing to do for your partner.  A good cologne or perfume can really transform the evening into something magical for the sense of smell.  However you don't always have to hide behind these wonderful smells.  Each and everyone of us have a unique smell to our bodies and I am not talking about body odor.  I am taking about the wonderful smell that makes you, YOU.  Have you ever smelled your partners hair or enjoyed the scent of there fresh showered body.  Not to mention the scent that comes from being sexually aroused.  Our bodies produce these scents as an attraction so that we are more desirable.  Sure they are not as obvious as a good cologne or perfume but they are yours and your partner and you should enjoy them just as much.  I love to smell my partners hair as we snuggle int bed it is a calming sensation to breath her in.  So next time you start to put on that expensive cologne or perfume remember the one you already have naturally.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Make a date out of Christmas shopping.

          If you celebrate Christmas and you are dreading the crowds of Christmas shopping, there is a simple way to make it better.  Make it a date!  Don't think of it as a chore make it a chance for the two of you to get out and have a fun time together.  Make it a laid back experience and take your time together.  Look at the decorations, the lights, and have a wonderful lunch or dinner together while you pick up the gifts for family and loved ones.  If you shopping for little ones make sure to take time to test out all the toys that are on display and don't forget to pick up a game or two for the both of you to play together.  Christmas is a time to rejoice and have fun so don't let shopping come between the two of you enjoying the time together.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Start his/her engine running.

          We need to remember how important the little "I love you's" are to the growth of our relationship.  As the air turns colder in the cooler climates take this opportunity to show how simple an I love you can be.   You be the one to go out and start the cars on a day with it is blustery cold or the snow is flying.  Grab his/her keys with enough time to make sure his/her car is like your hugs (warm and snuggly) when the get into it.  Place a note on the dash stating your love or put their favorite music on.  Believe me this will come back to you in many a great ways.  Most likely you will be met when you come in with a warm up hug that will melt even the coldest edge off you.   Don't stop there constantly look for these little ways to say I love you and you won't have to worry about your relationship getting iced over.  

Monday, November 29, 2010

Enjoy your time together.

          Nothing shows you more how much you love your partner as when you have to be apart.  Sure we have to have alone time and we have to work.  However when we have to be apart for some reason you can really take to heart how much you truly love your partner.  Think about that next time you have to go to bed by yourself or miss the snuggles of that time. 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Get some special underwear just for making love.

          Nothing breaths excitement into your love life like a sexy pair of underwear.   Get some that you just wear for when it is time to make love to your partner.   Have a special selection to put on and this goes for both men and women.  Yes men  you to can have sex underwear to wear for you partner.  Choose ones with bright colors or maybe something silky that feels good to the touch.  I understand it is a little harder for the guys to find sexy underwear but it is not impossible.  The women have whole stores dedicated to sexy wear but men you have to search harder.  However the effort will be well worth it as you surprise you partner with something other than tighty whities.