Saturday, November 27, 2010

Start you holiday cheer now.

          It is now officially time to start thinking about Christmas and you can start putting the Christmas cheer into your relationship also.  Simple things can spice up your love life.  Mistletoe over your bed, singing Christmas carols together, and even shopping can bring a couple closer together.  However don't stop there make it a point to put more and more into your relationship at this time.  Purchase presents that you can use together, like games you can play, movies you can watch or sex toys you can share with each other.  Christmas isn't just for kids it is also for couples.  So make sure Santa comes for your kids if you have any but also make sure Santa visits your partner this Christmas, too. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Video games in a relationship?

          Lately I have read that video games are causing more problems in relationships then ever before.  With the newer generation of young adults that were raised playing video games this is an obvious issue.  Countless hours playing games that don't get you anywhere are bound to cause problems.  Here is my rule of thumb on how much time is okay for playing video games.  The number of hours spent playing video game should never exceed the time spent making love in your relationship.  Now that includes foreplay and after play into the mix for time spent making love.  Use this method to keep your partner a little more in tune to your relationship then to his/her game.  If your partner is addicted to gaming then you might find games that the two of your can play together and then set a rule that you only play when you both can play.  Then also make it a point that you have specific times for dates and intimacy without any games on that day.  The point being you have to put gaming in it's place, it might be fun and exciting every once in a while but when it is hurting your relationship you need to take measures.  So put a lock on your xbox, and start focusing on things that make your relationship fun and exciting.  

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Do you let your outside life affect your relationship.

           At work they always tell us to leave our home life at home.  Which is a silly statement as it should be the other way around.  We should make sure to leave our work at work.  So many people bring their problems home from work and dump them into their relationship.   Thusly their relationship is affected negatively by work.  Instead of using their relationship as a safe place and a place to feel love they make it a extension of work.  You need to put a force field around your relationship and not let the problems form the outside affect it.  You should fall into your partner arm as a release and not as a place to unload your troubles.  Set up a time to talk about things bothering you and then that is it no more for the rest of the night.  Then focus on being with the person you love and not dragging those troubles into bed.  Same go for family problems or friend problems.  Discuss them and get opinions if you want then forget them.  Then enjoy your relationship they way you are suppose to.  

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When sex becomes more of a connection

          Sex is one of the greatest pleasures in life.  Yet there comes a time in a relationship where it becomes more than just getting a need met.  It becomes a spiritual practice that is like a dance between two lovers.  When you start wanting to be a part of each other instead of being two individuals having sex.  For those that understand that intimacy with a person that you have strong ties to both sexually and emotionally is more than just a action.  It is a ritual of love and honor.  As you progress in your relationship you understand each other better you know the likes and wants of your partner.  You also become open to experimentation and conversation about where sexual intimacy can take the two of you.  It become a passion more than a bodily function.  For those of you that reach this wonderful place things will open up to your that you have never seen before.  Your partner will look more beautiful to you, the will be even sexier in your eyes and they will be a light for you to enjoy.  For those of you that reach this place I don't have to tell you how wonderful spiritual intimacy is, you know it and you feel it deep inside.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bring the light into your home

      There is no doubt that the sun light can make us feel better.  The winter blues are just around the corner and we will start feeling cabin fever here in the midwest.  The answer just might be in the Happy Light a product that produces imitation sun light.  Not like the light bulbs we pick up from our local discount store. With this product you might just be able to shed those blah feelings that get your grouchy and have you feeling trapped.  We can't change the weather outside, unless we move but we can try to make our inside better for the both of us.  If you try one of these lights make sure you both use it and see if it makes a difference.  You might just find yourself snuggling up more than just to stay warm this winter.  

Monday, November 22, 2010

Turn the heat up a little and wear less to bed.

One of my biggest joys is touching my partner. I love to crawl into bed with her and touch her skin. However was the seasons turn colder here my partner wears thicker and warmer items to bed. Silly as it seems this is frustrating to me because I want to feel her and not a think pair of PJ's. My suggestion is to turn the heat up a little and wear less to bed. Sure it might raise the heat bill and be a little selfish but these simple pleasures of touching your partners skin is one that is well worth it. Massage your partner as they wear less to bed to show your appreciation. Snuggle up close and feel the body heat and breath in your partners scent. These are truly wonders you get from being a couple.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

You can Yoga together.

Want a wonderful way to get in a better place as an individual and a couple. Look into the practice of yoga. This is a wonderful way to clear you mind and let your body follow. Doing it as a couple also brings in the element of togetherness and produces a special bond. There are all kinds of yoga and you can find the one that best fits the two of you. Treat it as an exercise and a meditation to get the most of our your time together. There are specific types of yoga designed for coupes to do together where touching is involved so that the energy flows between you. These are the types I suggest because I am a firm believer in the fact that touch is as important to our relationships as breathing is to our life. Get into it and go yoga crazy get special clothes for the times when you participate. Get a good yoga mat and learn as much about yoga as you can and then share it with each other. You will be amazed at the difference it can make.