Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tell your partner which clothes you love best on them.

You know when you are getting ready to go out or someplace that you need to dress up a little bit. While you are getting ready you always have that question of your partner. "How does this look" is your effort to make sure you look acceptable. Why not be a little proactive in this by telling you partner which clothes they look the best in. Whenever they wear something that makes you say, "WOW" let them know how good they look in that outfit. You can also suggest something before you start getting ready like, "You should wear that blue shirt, you look really handsome in it" or "You look stunning in that red dress, you should wear that" Not only are you helping your partner pick out something to wear you are also letting them know you still love looking at them. You can do this with all your clothes items weather it is casual clothes or even nighttime wear. Let your partner know what catches your eye when they wear it, it might just help you get to see them in it more.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween is here, that is a good excuse to try a little dressing up...

Halloween isn't just a great time for you kids. You can take advantage of the special day also. Halloween offers plenty of time for the two of you to dress up in sexy costumes and well have a little trick or treating of your own. The same old sexy costumes are out their year after year. I recently listened to a podcast and they were talking about all the slutty costumes there are for women. This is true most of them turn the women into a sexy vampire or a sexy school girl. These are great and fine but why not step out of the sexy box for a minute and try something more passionate. How about putting on some war paint and having great spiritual sex the way indians did. You can scream and yell Indian sounds as you make love to each other. How about being Adam and Eve in your bedroom with only some fig leaves between you. What ever you decide to be this halloween take it into your bedroom also and have fun. That is what makes relationship so special you can let loose a little and become on of the natives.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Snack Healthy.

One thing that is important to your relationship is staying healthy. Trying to find food that fits both of you while still being healthy is a challenge. Snacking is a huge issue for most people. We sit down to watch television or work on the computer and we have to snack. As a couple I might suggest you try using breakfast cereal as a snack. It taste good and you can find some really healthy ones out there. I would suggest trying Quaker Oat Squares it is one of my favorite cereals and all you have to do is look at the vitamins and minerals back into these little squares to know it it better for you then chips or candy. So to improve your relationship improve your health and throw out all the nasty chips and candy and get a cup of cereal for your next home movie date.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Make sure to tell you partner they are appreciated.

Telling your partner you appreciate them is not a hard thing at all to do. Yet so many of us let it slide right by. Make it a point to tell your partner "Thank You" not only for the big things but for the little things also. Things like cooking dinner or doing the laundry are great examples of things that get overlooked. Even taking care of the kids is one we take for granted. Find different ways to say thank you also. Send them a text message, email or leave a voice mail for them. Here is a wonderful way to look at it the more you tell them thank you the more they will do to get those thank you's. It is positive reenforcement as we desire to be appreciated. Not appreciating your partner is a quick way to have troubles in your relationship so, avoid that problem right now by getting in the habit of saying "I appreciate you and all you do" to your partner at every chance you get.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Be a unit as well as an individual

We all hear about how important it is to be an individual. To keep your dreams and feelings intact so that you don't lose yourself. I agree with this, however you have to treat your relationship as a unit. You can't only focus on the desires that you have and leave nothing left for your partner. That is the quickest way to destroy your relationship. Our relationships are a union and they need to have their own identity. You need to put as much focus on them as your do your individual self as well as your partners individual self. You need to make time for all these parts of your relationship because if you neglect one the others will revolt. So as you make plans for yourself make sure they don't conflict with your partners plans or the plans you share as a couple. Keeping this balancing act in tact will help to strengthen your relationship. You have to look at your relationship as a triangle with both of you as the base points and coming together in union as the top point. This is where the true power will surface and your triangle cannot be complete with out all three points. Now start planning things not only for yourself but for you relationship also.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Do something on the spur of the moment.

In a relationship we usually have a strict schedule. We have to be a work at a certain time, we have dinner at a certain time and if you have kids you have things like bed times and bath time to content with. However our relationship needs a little spontaneity every once in a while. Sometimes we need to act without thinking. Next time the two of you are just sitting around pull something out of the air and just go do it. Maybe it is just going on a drive to talk, or you see a preview of a movie and you just spring up and say, "Let's Go" Every once in a while the two of you need to fly by the seats of your pants. Throwing caution into the wind and just having fun. Now this doesn't mean you forget your responsibilities but it does mean enjoy your time together and make lasting memories. Always remember your relationship bliss counts on the effort you put into your relationship so you have no one to blame but the two of you!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A morning massage just might be what the doctor ordered.

On those days that you get to snuggle together in the mornings you might take advantage of the time to start your partners day out right. A morning massage no matter how small might just kick start your partners day. Gently start rubbing you partners shoulders to see if they are receptive to the morning massage. One sure way to know is if you hear the moan of pleasure. That is the tell tell sign that you should continue. A massage not only gets the blood flowing but it also stimulates the nerves in that area and really will give your partner a wonderful sensation. When you wake in the morning you might be a little more relaxed so that the massage has a bigger impact on your partner. Plus it just plain feels good to have the person you love's hands touching you the first thing in the morning. Some of the great places to focus on are the shoulders, the arms, the legs and a big one is the feet. A massage can be a wonderful feeling but it is much more than that can be a wonderful way to build closeness in your relationship. The feeling that you partner is thinking about your well being right from the start of the day, should grace your face with a smile.