Saturday, October 16, 2010

Getting through tough days in your relationship.

Every relationship has days that you seem like you are unappreciated or that you don't get exactly what you want. This is normal and everyone feels that way from time to time. This is the time that you need to count your blessings. Yes, I mean literally counting your blessings. Sit down and thing about the things that your partner does that are important to you, or that just make you feel good. You quickly start to balance out those negative thoughts you are having with positive ones. Soon the scale will be tipped in the favor of the positive thoughts as your mind starting thinking of the more detailed things. Things like making you dinner, or doing the laundry, or that time he/she made passionate love to you last week. This is how you keep those negative thoughts in check. Once you start to compare them to the wonderful things you partner does you will quickly put your uneasiness to rest.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Make your bed a special place.

Your bed is obviously the most intimate place in your house. This is where the majority of your sexual contact takes place. However, you can use it as so much more. I know in our house we use it as a forum for great talks, an area for massages, and even as an entertainment venue as we watch silly things on the computer. Things you should not bring into your bed are trouble from work, issues about money, or anything negative. Don't allow negative energy into your bed. Keep your bed as a shrine to happiness and love. Leave all the other baggage on the floor as you enter the place of sanctitude and love.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Send a wonderful email.

Here is a great little thing you can do to start you partners day out right. Sit down and compose a romantic email to them. Spell out all the things you love about them. Keep it clean and romantic explaining why you fell in love with them and why you continue to love them more and more each day. This can become a habit and will brighten your partners day. Spell out why you love them put it in your email and you might just be met with kisses when you get home.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't forget to be friends in your relationship.

One of the biggest problems I feel happen in a relationship is that we lose sight of how important our friendship is with each other. We become a couple and now we aren't friends any longer we become partners and lovers. We forget that we had a make a bond first and that was becoming friends. We did things together, we talked, we enjoyed each others company, so why should we stop doing those things. We can still have intimacy, take on the daily tasks of living and be friends. Why do so many couples not get this! Set up dates have nights of fun laughing until the sun comes up, start remembering what it was like to build that friendship during the very early part of your relationship. I am sure if you think back that if the friendship wasn't there your relationship wouldn't be where it is today? Think about that for a while and you will see just how important remaining friends is.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kiss someplace new tonight.

Tonight make it a point to kiss someplace new. Now that can mean a couple of things for starters it could mean that you kiss a different part of their body. Try out some different spots on the body and see the reaction your partner has. For example kissing on the inside of jointed areas can be a huge turn on to some people. The inside of the arm where the elbow bends, or the back side of the knee can both be very sensual places that don't get a lot of attention. The hands or feet are other areas that can be very sensitive to a kiss. The point being pick a spot on your lovers body you have never kissed and kiss it. Now another way you can go about this is find a place in your house or neighborhood that you have never had a kiss before. Maybe it is the attic, or the basement. You could go to a local park or downtown in the middle of the busy time. Where ever you chose the point it to show your partner you want to experience them everywhere. This can become a habit. I know a couple who's goal is to kiss in every state in the United States or America. You can seek out special kissing places such as waterfalls, scenic views or even sporting events. What ever floats your boat or makes your lips tingle go for it. Happy kissing day to you and your partner.

Monday, October 11, 2010

How to recharge your partners and your batteries.

We all get that feeling from time to time that we are just drained. Be it from work, school, the kids, or just life in general. We feel drained and worn out and who suffers from that the love of our life of course. We give all day long and then have nothing left for our partner. They get the short end of the stick and that is so unfair to them. How can we avoid this and not make them suffer because we are tired or worn out? Well first of all you have to dedicate yourself to making the time to have for them. Don't curl up in bed unless you have your arms wrapped your partner. Dedicate time to be spend holding hands watching a movie, or sitting on the porch swing snuggled up like teenagers. Massages are a wonderful tool for recharging your lovers batteries. Never under estimate the power of making out, kissing has a wonderful charging power. Intimacy is a great way to show your care and give it your all then fall asleep in each others arms. What a amazing end to a day that would be. All of these things and many more can recharge those drained batteries. YOU just have to make the effort and give a little more. Thing about the rewards which are a great relationship and a wonderful friendship. Now go put your relationship on the charger and get the energy back.