Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pass something back and forth.

Sometimes we need a little something that shows the care our partner has for us. We need this physical thing to touch and enjoy while they are not around. My partner and I have a wonderful little heart shaped rock that we pass back and forth depending on who needs the most love. When I have a big day ahead with lots of things coming at me my partner will make sure I slip our heart rock into my pocket before leaving. On a day when my partner is having a lot of stress or things are bothering her I slip our heart rock into her hand. This simple little gesture makes things so much more right in the world. Holding or touching that heart rock lets both of us know that the other one is with is in our hearts as we are challenged by the day. Yours doesn't have to be a rock it can be anything. A special coin, a trinket from a trip, or a special token the point is that this item carries the love you have for each other and is a reminder of that. You can't be with your partner when they have troubles outside you house all the time but with your own heart rock you love will surround them.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

To listen is a marvelous gift. but don't forget about the one listening.

Sometimes we get way to one sided in our relationship. We feel that our feelings are the only ones that matter. When we get in that shape sometimes we forget about our partner and their goings on. When we have a major event happen in our life we tend to shut down and worry about that leaving our partner out in the cold. The love doesn't stop we just focus on ourself a this point. This however can make our partner feel not important or like they come after all the other crap that is going on. When you find yourself in this spot take a moment and remind yourself that the person helping you get through all these troubles deserves to be appreciated also. Just the acknowledgement of them is better than nothing but to really make it up to them dedicate a day to them. Reminding them that they are special for helping you deal with your troubles. The last thing you want is your partner feeling like they are less important than you dealing with the problems in our lives. Make sure you partner knows how much you love the fact they are helping you deal with your life.

Tell Your Partner How Special He/She Is To You

You know it isn't hard to send a text or an email or even make a phone call to tell your partner how much she means to you. Giving concrete proof of the way you feel is a wonderful boost to anyone's day. Send a text message that says "You are my best friend and a wonderful lover," or type up an email that states, "My life is so much better with you in it." Better yet, call when you know she can't answer her phone and leave a sexy little message for her. Doing this will not only help make her day, but it will also remind you how truly special she is to you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some days are peaks and valleys all in one.

Some days as a couple you run the gamut of emotions. One partner has something wonderful happen to them while the other has something bad happen to them. These days are a shame because you can't really celebrate if you are the one with the good thing and you can't get the full blown sympathy feel if you are the one with the bad thing going on. On these days you have to join forces and feel for each other. Try to celebrate and be sympathetic at the same time. This is not the easiest thing to do but then again the up side to your relationship is the thing that drives you. Spend time with both situations and I suggest the celebration comes at the end. End your day on a good note and be ready to start the next day with sunshine in your eyes.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Making love for good luck!

There is a very special bond between a couple that they don't share with anyone else. That is the bond of intimacy and this is way more powerful then you can imagine. I cannot get into all the details and studies that show why intimacy between a couple are magical because it would take up all the space we have available. Intimacy between a loving couple is a bond that is can bring enlightenment and power to the couple as an unit. Try this the next time you have something big about to happen the next day. Maybe you are going to an interview or have a big presentation at work and you need to be your best. Well simply make mad passionate love the night before. You partner obviously has to be totally on board for this but it can make all the difference in the world. Here are my feelings on why this is good. I use the term luck in the post but I don't believe that it is luck. I believe by being intimate together you form a bond that makes both of you stronger and you take to battle all the qualities of both of you. I think this energy lasts for about 2 days but it is amazing. Your confidence is better, you feel better, you have an aura of success around you. This is the amazing union two people can create. Plus the feeling is unbeatable. Try this next time you need things to go your way and see just how much it makes a difference. I will talk more about this topic later because it is becoming a passion within our relationship.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The times are right for getting closer to your partner.

We all love our partners or most likely you wouldn't be looking at this blog. The love and passion are the foundations of our relationship. However if you are reading this I am going to tell you the time is right for you to make a deeper connection. I want you relationship to turn spiritual, also. You might be thinking how in the heck can we do that. It is easier than you think. My partner and I have recently connected in a much higher plane and it has helped our relationship in this plane tremendously. Things you can do to start this process are simple and to say the least interesting. Start meditating together spend some quite time back to back clearing your minds. You could also use the lovers breath from the tantric practice to achieve the same affect. One partner sits in the other lap as both of you have your legs folded and then you breath in each others breath with your eyes closed. Another great way to achieve this special closeness is to start studying a spiritual practices such as Huna, Tantric, or The Toaist principles. You will soon start to converse about this which will get you both more in tune with each other. Gaining understanding of this nature will help you understand your relationship much much better and that benefits both of you.