Saturday, September 11, 2010

Changing your words can change the mood.

Sometimes the words you speak don't truly tell the story of what you mean to say. Our partners hear different things as we speak because of the words we choose or the tone we use when we say them. For example, I can say "Let's have sex" and it sounds like I just want to get my enjoyment and I don't care about my partner. However if I rephrase that to "Would you like to be intimate tonight?" I have now changed it to a question allowing my partner a chance to respond unlike the order in the first statement. The second statement has also been softened up and sounds more attractive to both partners. Putting things into questions is a great way to avoid conflict because other wise it sounds like an demand and not a caring wonder. You should take this approach in all your manners of dealing with your partner. "Honey, could you please take out the trash" is going to get a much better reaction then "Would it kill you to take out the trash" Make sure you use softer tones when dealing with your love this expresses a compassion for them that everyone loves. Try it by using the same statement but then softening your voice and saying it again. Use for example "Pass the butter" now say it in a more quite tone and softer. See the difference. Sometimes just the tone comes out all wrong. So now start thinking about the words you speak and start putting different words and questions as well as a softer tone into them and see how your partner responds. This could be very good for you.

Friday, September 10, 2010

You know you look good when you do good deeds.

You know there is something special about a persona as they are doing a good deed. Maybe they are rescuing a kitten or helping a child tie their shoe. These actions give you an aura of attractiveness that anyone in tune with you. So if you want to catch the eye of your partner stop trying to impress him/her and start helping the world.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Don't forget to say thanks.

Thanks for cleaning the kitchen honey, let me show you how much I appreciate it.

Being in a relationship is great for the simple fact that there are two of you to get things done. You partner can do things for you when you are unable and vice versa. You can even ask them to do things when they have time and they are usually going to do them for you. Love is funny in that manner. The problem arises when these helpful things go unnoticed or unappreciated. That is when chores or helpfulness seems more like orders then helping out. Appreciate the things your partner does and don't always take the easy way out and say "Thank You" Do something special for that person and in return you are going to get a lot more help when you need it. Take your partner out to a wonderful dinner after a day of them running errands for the two of you. Pick up the book they have been wanting to read as a token of your appreciation. Offer up a massage at the end of the day and express your appreciation while you make them feel good. My favorite however is to slip into something sexy or fill your bedroom with candle light and find a way orgasmically to thank them. Love is such a special thing and the last thing you want is your partner feeling unappreciated, so make sure to whisper softly in their ear, "Thank You"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Get in touch with your body before you try to get in touch with your partners.

Our bodies give us so much information that we don't take seriously at many times. I am sure you have heard the expressions, "Women's Intuition" or "Gut reaction" these are way our body tries to tell us that something is not just right with what we are doing. I have heard stories about men and women that have had such strong reaction to these feelings that it changes there approach. Only to find out later that something bad would have happened had they went the other way. We have to learn to trust our own bodies and then start trusting the feelings our partner gets in the same manner. The two feelings combined will create a wonderful bond for the two of you and you will learn to tell when something doesn't feel right to your partner. Together you can form a tight bond and feel the love that surrounds you.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Put a little pressure into your sex life.

Some of the most common complaint about coupes is about sex. There is not enough time, can't get in the mood, the kids are up, I'm tired, and these are just a few of the excuses people use to avoid making love. But why would you want to avoid it? there are so many health benefits to sex that is seems like you are doing your body wrong by not having sex. Plus the more you have it the better it gets and it keeps you young and healthy. No if you have been out of the practice of having sex often you need to pressure yourself into it. Start slow and let yourself build to the feeling of excitement. A little foreplay and teasing your partner will get you in the mood quicker then you waiting for it to happen on it's own. Sex can become a wonderful and exciting thing you share with your partner and all you have to do is start getting yourself in the mood. Take showers together, don't push away from kisses, let your hands rome a little while hugging are a few things you can do to make the juices start flowing. Nothing builds a relationship stronger then a good sexual relationship and not only does it build it but it makes it healthy and amazing. Studies show that couples with a strong sexual relationship live longer, are healthier, and claim to have a better relationship so why wouldn't you pressure yourself a little to have those things.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reward your partner for taking care of the kids!

One of the hardest yet most fun things to do is take care of the kids all day. If you don't have children you are missing one of the pure joys of life. However it is difficult to be the only one taking care of them. Having a joint effort is the best when taking care of the munchkins. Sometimes however one of us have to work while the other partner has to be the main source of childcare. When this happens you need to reward you partner for the most important job ever. Take them to dinner, or pick out a movie that they like or just give them time for themselves. Make it known that you appreciate this hard but rewarding task they have performed. Tell them how great of parent they are and that you love them even more for being super mom/dad.