Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Balanced Relationship

How balanced is your relationship? I have been learning some transpersonal techniques via my partners masters program and balance is something I am seeing that is important. Do you put as much into your relationship as you take from it? Do you appreciate all the things your partner does for you? Big or little do you take anything for granted? Do you think about your partner when you are doing small things? Do you want to make your partner feel like they are important? All these things should be important to both partners and should come to the forefront of your relationship. Now, let me ask you again how balanced is your relationship? Do you honestly feel you are putting as much into your relationship as you can be? I am not talking about you idolizing you partner but do you put as much into the relationship as they do. Find a balance you relationship requires a certain amount of time and attention. If one partner is putting all the effort into the relationship then the balance is disturbed. The other partner feels smothered and the one putting the effort into it feels ignored. This is where the balance comes in. When the partner that feels unappreciated starts seeing some effort being put into the relationship by the other partner then they relax and don't try so hard. So this balance is important to both partners just in different ways. Balance gives you both a chance to get what you want and need out of a relationship. So once again I ask you how balanced is your relationship?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ring of Fire

Want a little something to spice up your sex life but not something that cost a bundle? You don't want to dress up and you aren't into the bondage thing. You just want a little something to make it a tad different. Well that is when you need to check into a cock ring. The premiss of the cock ring is to contain the blood flow inside the penis for a more extended period of time. The hope in this is to allow the woman time to satisfy her needs as the penis stays hard longer. Ejaculation is usually delayed a bit and the veins of the penis add a little more ridges to stimulate the sexual parts it comes in contact with. Now cock rings can be dangerous so always read the instructions and don't push the time limit after all you don't want to damage your penis. The added size of the penis while it might seem small is just what the doctor ordered to bring a different light into your sex life. While like anything cock rings can get quite expensive but the basic models will fit into anyone's budget. Try one out today and see how just a little variation in your love making can add lots of excitement.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Set up a date...In the shower.

We love being naked together and a natural place to do this is in the shower. Yet we are usually so stuck on getting ready for work or starting out day that we don't have time to enjoy a wonderful sexy shower with our partner. I suggest setting a date to take place in the shower. Take turns washing each other and just hugging as the water caresses your bodies. See how the water pools up on parts of your bodies as you hold each other. Kiss each others wet warm skin. Enjoy the solitude you as a couple have in this wonderful sensation we call a shower. Use this as foreplay for a night of great love making. You can also use it as a way of being close after love making. When ever you find time for it you will be happy you did. Go into the date shower with the mind set of getting out only when the water starts getting cold.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good things happen in bunches.

Have you ever heard the saying, "Bad things come in threes" Well I think that good things come in bunches like bananas. I have seen it happen far to often. When good things start happening the flood gates are open and the good things start flowing like a raging stream. Take heart when the bad things are happening because they only come in threes. Once the good starts happening you need to ride it like a wave and enjoy all the excitement. Bad things happen we understand that but the universe or powers above always balance it out so that you life is overall good. Enjoy your life, enjoy your love and share it with you partner.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Add a few extra words to "I Love You"

The words, "I Love You" are some of the most powerful words you can speak to your lover. Yet you can make them even more powerful by just adding a few words to them. For example "Gosh, I love you" or "You can't imagine how much, I love you" are simple yet very expressive ways of adding on to those three simple words. "I feel so blessed being able to love you" or "The most wonderful day of my life was the day you said, I love you, to me" Get creative and make it a challenge to be more expressive with your three little words. Let you expressions flow out of you like a stream down a river. You might be amazed how good it will make you feel, plus how great it will make your partner feel.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Practice your kissing.

Remember when you were dating and you could kiss for hours on end. Using all the kissing techniques within your ability to impress your partner. It is time we take a little time and practice those techniques again. Set up a make out session for the two of you. You could rent a movie and kiss off and on through out the movie. You can also use it as great foreplay for your next sexual experience. Take time and enjoy the kissing like you did when you both were younger. You might just find yourself getting the euphoric state that you did the first few times they two of you kissed. Kissing is so good for you and your relationship that I think they are going to start bottling it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Don't be left behind as your partner grows.

Relationships are not cut in stone they are like trees blowing in the wind. They have to sway and chance with the directions the winds are moving. This is the reason why you need to be aware of chances in your partner. Maybe you don't understand the transition that they are making in their life but totally ignoring it will soon find you and them both wondering who the other one is. This such as new hobbies, schooling, or jobs are things that can effect a person and change them. For example if when you started dating your partner was a factory worker and then got a job as a insurance salesman they are going to chance. They will dress different they will act different. Same goes for education it can drastically change a person and if you are not prepared to learn and change with them then you might soon find each other with nothing to talk about. With nothing to talk about your relationship will soon start to wither. Even if you are comfortable with yourself you need to branch out as your partner does and never take lightly what they are getting into. When this happens your relationship will change and if you are not flexible then your relationship will break. Be ready to sway in the wind as your partner changes and enjoy the differences and dedicate yourself to learning not necessarily what they are learning but why they are growing. Grow with them not against them.