Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Long Hello

Yesterday I spent about 12 hours total traveling to meet up with my wonderful wife. The day started at 4am and I finally met up with my wife later in the day. The wonderful thing about that was the long hello we gave each other. Kisses, and long passionate hugs as we caught up on the week we had just spent without each other. Sure there were telephone calls but nothing replaces that physical touch after being apart. These first kisses and hugs are a little more special than your normal ones as they let the missing of each other flow between you. There is nothing like the euphoric feeling that you get when you get the love of your life back in your arms after time spent apart.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our sexual help books SEXY CHALLENGES are going global.

If you haven't seen them yet, the producers of The Couples Spot, also are the creators of SEXY CHALLENGES. Sexy Challenges are great adventures for lovers and are starting to get noticed globally. Sure they are great at improving intimacy in a relationship that is lacking or isn't as exciting as it use to be. However, most people don't realize that they are so much more. Sparking communication within a relationship are a aspect overlooked. As the coupe decides when and how to complete the challenge they start conversing about things that will help the challenge. This opens up other lines of communication for the couple to branch out to. Sexy Challenges also helps the couple over come the embarrassment or nervousness of talking about sex. Instead they are presented with a new activity and have to perform it. Finally the challenge gets the couple working as a team to achieve the outcome of the challenge. I constantly hear couples talking about how the spilt the work involved with getting ready to perform the challenge. One partner will make reservations or get things ready while the other rounds up the kids to get them to the sitter. This helps both partners enjoy the challenge. Check out our new combo pack and see how SEXY CHALLENGES can improve your overall relationship.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Let you partner know you are talking good about them.

You won't believe what my husband did....

We all are curious about how are partner talks about us when they are not around us. We wonder to they bash us and only tell their friends about the not so good things we do. Could be possible that they are speaking like we are a saint? There is no way to tell for sure unless you overhear a conversation and hard as it is that is eavesdropping and isn't right. This is where we can tell our partner when we talk good about them. Let them know that you told your girlfriends how romantic they are or when you tell the guys how you have the best partner in the world. Tell them specifics like, "The other day the girls went nuts when I showed them the note you left me when you went on your trip" or "All the guys are so jealous of me because I told them about you sitting up that special trip to the ballpark for me" We so often have an vision of your partner belittling us because that is what we see on television. Another good reason to pitch the television. The programs and talk shows are full of people talking about the terrible things their lovers do. Maybe we should start a show called "How great my lover is" that lets people talk about the good in their relationship. No fights just proud partners expressing how wonderful their partner is. Now I might watch that show to pick up some extra wonderful things to do. Go a step farther and ask you friends when they are bashing their mate, "Does you partner do anything that pleases you?" Get them searching their mind for positive things and you might just chance a persons whole day.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fight the urge to think the worst.

Sometimes in a relationship we forget how much our partner loves us. We have visions pop into our heads either because to past problems in other relationship or because we listen to other people. Well for a relationship to thrive you have to trust one another. When you have that trust your partner will look even more beautiful and wonderful. Don't let the worries eat at you they only cause the worst to come about. When ever you start to wonder about things let your mind slip to found memories you have about great times in your relationship. How could your partner do anything put have love for you. Think the best and the best will come about. Make that trust you have the most important thinking in your mind and soon you will find your relationship growing. Far to many people try to control their partner and it is silly because the is the worst thing you can do if you want them to be happy with you. So relax and enjoy the love that they two of you have. If something happens then you deal with it as it comes don't bring it on by thinking about it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Flowers are a wonderful thing to send a women... but what about the guys?

Most women love getting flowers from their partner. This is a wonderful simple action that shows the love that the giver has for the recipient. Some guys might appreciate this action if they were sent flowers but most guys would be embarrassed. So the question arises as to what you can do for the man in your relationship. How do you tell them that you care about them and still keep there manly feelings in tact. Well some suggestions might be tickets to a game, or their favorite beer with a ribbon on it. Be creative but make sure that they know what the items is for. Put a card with the item or a note stating your love for them. Just like you pick flowers by your partners likes do the same for your man. If they love tools but them a new tape measure for this item. It makes if so much more special to get something that thought went into. Men are not use to getting just a little random gift like this so this they might not know how to handle it. Make sure they know it is your way of giving them flowers without destroying their manliness.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Texting in a marriage can be your best friend.

One of the best technology that helps out a marriage is texting. It might sound a little silly but when you start seeing the benefits you will have to agree. Texting allows the two of you the freedom to converse without having to have both of you on the phone for extended periods of time. Plus it allows you to communicate with each other while you are busy. You can send a message to your partner and they can read it when they get a break or chance. Quick answers that texting give is awesome. For example you can quickly text each other to see who is picking up the kids or what you want for dinner. A simple reply quickly gets the point across and leaves no doubt to what is going on. You can also send sexy text messages to get your partner wound up for later in the evening. This might sound really crazy but I like to text my partner when we are in the same room. It is fun and adds a sense of mystery as the beep sounds to inform my partner she has a message. I like to send simple productive relationships messages like "You are so beautiful", "OMG I love the way you look when you are vacuuming", or "Hi there sexy!!!!" You can also use texting for lists for your partner. Like groceries that you need, or errands to run, plus you can also give quick information as to children's schedule changes, or to let them know when you have to make an unexpected trip. Texting might seem informal and not personal but it in fact is a wonderful tool for a relationship.