Saturday, July 31, 2010

Liquid Silk our pick for lubes.

Liquid Silk is my favorite lube. It is light and doesn't feel greasy and can be used in all areas of sexual adventure. It is water based so clean up is easy and it doesn't have any glycerin. Making this lube great for sex both vaginally and anally. Plus it is great for masturbation pick up a bottle today and enjoy the silky feeling.

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Liquid silk - Lubricant - EdenFantasys

Friday, July 30, 2010

Genitals vs. Toes

Unless you have a foot fetish I can assume that you don't use your toes much during your intimate love making. While my toes aren't the most erotic part of my body they are still aids in creating different sensations. Toes feel different then fingers and usually have a little tougher skin on them than other parts of your body. So, stroking your partners genitals with you feet will feel a lot different from using you fingers. Now most of us don't have as much coordination with our toes as we do with our fingers so you have to take it slow. The last thing you want to do is whack your partners genitals hard, because that could put a damper on your love making. Toes can be used to stroke a man's penis and play with his testicles and believe me this is such a turn on for most guys. Toes can also be used to stimulate the nipples of both men and women. Now for something a little different you can use your toes to stimulate the lips of a woman's genitals. Gaining control of your little buggers on your foot can also allow you to enter her vagina. Both sexes can enjoy a little toe to anus play. The positions you can get into for this type of foreplay is amazing and you don't have to be one of those images from the Karma Sutra to enjoy them. If you do plan on using your toes as sex toys please make sure to wash them good, poor hygiene is the kiss of death when dealing with they feet. Toenails also need to be neatly trimmed for obvious reasons.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Find new recipes!

As a couple we get into the patter of cooking the same things over and over. Remember the days where each day had a title as to what you were going to eat. Meatloaf Monday, Taco Tuesday, ...
Well just as you need spice in your relationship you need it in your diet also. Nowadays new and exciting dishes are just a click away using the internet. Find a website that you both like that has a variety of recipes for several different types of cuisine. Take turns picking out something that sounds wonderful to you and make a list of six new dishes. Then make it a point to try these dishes our during the next month. After 6 months of doing this you will have tried 36 new dishes. They don't have to be ones that take all day to cook find websites that have simple meals that busy people can prepare in no time. Now it becomes a challenge to find new and exciting recipes to out do each other. Grade each recipe after you have consumed the meal and anything with a low score toss out. Ones you give high marks you can store or put into your meal rotation. Now forget about boring Meatloaf Mondays and starting thinking of your meals as an adventure in taste.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A great time to make love!

One of our favorite times to make love is right when before the sun starts to set. We love the lighting it gives in our room. It acts as candle light letting you see and enjoy each others images but doesn't make you feel like your the center attraction at the circus. It allows you the freedom to see your sexy partner and watch them casually get ready to make love to you. You can also use the light as a timer. Make a deal to have foreplay until the light either reaches a certain point in the room or is no longer existent. This works create to help a partner that might be a little shy about being viewed because then once darkness hits they feel more comfortable. This might sound a little strange but for my partner and I it also allows us to get up and talk or get a snack or drink afterwards. We use this time to connect which right after sex there is no yearning or desire for physical intimacy. It allows you to focus on the mental side of intimacy which is very nice also.

Depending on your household situation you might have a little trouble starting love making at this time of day/night. Children and neighbors might create an issue as you attempt this amazing ritual. Good locks and shear curtains can go a long way in the pursuit of making love as the sun sets. You can also plan an overnight stay for your young ones at grandma's house. You could also take turns with other couples with children the same age so you both have the opportunity to enjoy a little uninterrupted alone time. Making love right before you drift off to sleep is fantastic, too. However, I would suggest you try a little sunset love and see how you like it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Memorabilia makes a great present.

Looking for something wonderful and different to get your partner? Well a great idea that is outside the box is to get them an autograph of their favorite star. Be it a sports star or an actor a framed picture with that person autograph is sure to please. This is usually something that someone might not purchase for themselves. This would be the kind of treasure that really show that you know them well. It doesn't have to be an autograph it could be another type of collectable like a disney cell from a cartoon. You can even have a star named after them or purchase a brick with their name on it to be placed in a public place. Another sweater would be nice and appreciated but an autograph of their favorite star would surely shine more.

Johnny Bench is my favorite baseball player of all time. He is a class act and still a role model to this day.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Money Matters - Make a List and stick to it.

Money is always a concern when you are in a relationship. However said two people can live as cheaply as one was crazy. My couples money tip today is for you to make a list before you go to the grocery store. Go through all you cabinets and cupboards and make a detailed list of things you are out of or want to pick up for upcoming meals. Be specific down to what sides you are going to have with what meat. Plan out the whole weeks worth of meals and snacks and complete you list. Now come the tough part, when you get to the store stick to the list only. The grocery stores are set up to attract your attention to buy things you didn't really want with flashy displays and placement of the products. You both have to be strong. Another tip is eat a meal right before you go to the store so that everything and anything doesn't look wonderful. With a little self control you will soon find yourselves saving a lot of money and using the things you purchased. Next time you are on a wonderful vacation thing about how you might not have been where you are if you bought $40-$50 dollars worth of junk at the store?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Collage of Pictures

You can never have enough pictures up in your house. These pictures should be of you and your partner (and kids if you have them) enjoying yourselves. I like to make collages, which are various pictures put together in either a single picture frame or a series of frames connected together. By putting this collage of fun pictures up you serve constant reminders of how much fun you have had in the past and it gives you that urning to have that fun again. Get everyone in your household involve in picking out their favorite pictures to include. Then spend a rainy day creating a piece of artwork that both inspires and makes your remember great time.