Saturday, July 17, 2010

Love can heal.

Love is one of the most powerful things in our lives. It gives us strength and power to do things we never thought we would be able, too. Yet we constantly doubt it's power. I have recently be studying Huna, which is a way of living the Hawaiian culture teaches, and it has shown me even more how important love is to our daily life. Love is the feeling that someone is there to catch you and make you feel better. Which leads me to or subject for today. Love, can it heal? We know it is a wonderful feeling but can it make your health better? Yes is the answer. Studies show that people who claim to be in love actually live longer than those that don't. Love is a great reliever of stress, and you have someone to vent your anger with. Now your stress level is lower. We can see the long terms of love quite easily, together we are stronger. How about a quick healing can love cure illnesses right away. Is there the power to cure cancer or heat problems in our love? I say that if you truly believe so with out a doubt that yes love can heal those challenges. The problems lies in that we are taught that this doesn't work. We fall into societies ignorance that you don't need love and that love is an desire not a need. Well my friends I don't know about you but love is more than a desire to me. It roots deep in my soul and I can feel it's power. Now trying to find a way to use that love power to heal the ill is another challenge. For starters that person has to believe in the power to or their body will reject your love like it rejects or tries to fight off viruses. I like to think of love like water let it flow through both of you and cleanse the challenged area diluting and disputing the challengers hold on the ill persons body. Hold each other and imagine water rushing though both of your bodies let the passion you hold for each other take over and speak no words. I am not knocking modern medicine and I feel it is also very powerful but I think for someone to truly get well they need this love cleanse to coarse through their body. Now we all know that we cannot live forever that is not an option but to extend the time you are together to love each other, now that my friends is a miracle. Each and every extra minute you can get is a blessing, just ask someone that has lost a love.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Can you live without your partner?

As we age we grow more and more dependent on our partner. Once the children are gone and have their own lives we find ourselves returning to a place that we were at during the early stages of our relationship. We now have time for each other again, time to date, time to ourselves anything we want to do. It is like a second honeymoon. What happens when the that all changes and one of you passes away? In so many cases you see the other partner stop functioning or unable to function as they once did. How many times have you witnessed an older person passing and not long after their partner passes. Losing that love doesn't have to be a downward turn for the other partner. There are things to live for like grandchildren and you can enjoy those things knowing the other partner would have wanted you to. Understand at some point and time one of you will pass before the other, that is the usual way it happens.

My suggestion for couples are to be a couple but be able to function as an individual. Know how to handle all things around your house from the bills to the laundry. Know where the life insurance policies are, and the list of how to get a hold of all the people you both know. Find things to enjoy by yourself, don't stop sharing with your partner but have something for yourself. That thing might be what you need in the event you lose your partner. With all this you need to live each day thankful of the wonderful person your in a relationship with. Get past all those little things that bug you but don't really mean anything in the scope of life. Be strong have your own identity but enjoy your partner all you can.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Find other couples friends.

We all come into a relationship with our friends and like them or not it is part of being in a relationship to deal with them. The best thing that can happen is they get in a relationship, also. Then you can do things together as a couple and maybe just maybe the other partners will get along or become closer. As your relationship gets longer and times change you need to look for friends that are couples. Ones that are dedicated to being a couple and have a strong relationship. The people can help your relationship out greatly. For starters you can do couples things with them like going out or just hanging out talking. You will have similar interests especially if both couples have children. A good place to look for these couples is at your child's school having kids the same age is a big plus. You can even form a co-op with them and take turns watching the children so the other couple can have a date and not have to spring for a babysitter. Couples can offer support to each other to get through hard times. The bigger your ring of couples the better because you might have certain couples you enjoy going to shows with and others that you can experience the outdoors with. Open your relationship up to other couples and build a foundation of great friends it can make your relationship so much stronger.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Study something romantic.

When we get away from our norm we can expand our thinking and your way of life. That is why I suggest picking up reading from time to time to learn about different ways of live. I suggest something from another culture that has to do with spirituality or love. For some that might be the Karma Sutra, or Tantric things while others might look for something a little less sexual. Maybe you want to understand why other cultures worship or hold sacred things like cattle or temples. Find out what turns you on (in reading that is) and study it, try to get a understanding of the subject. You don't have to change your feelings or beliefs but a little understanding goes a long way.

Right now I am learning and reading about Huna which is using knowledge from the Hawaiian culture to benefit your existence. I have picked up several interesting bits of knowledge and am becoming fascinated with the subject. To me it is eerie at how close it is to the Law of Attraction or The Secret for the more modern term. Hawaii was pretty much alone and had no influence from the outside world for a long time. To me Huna fells pure and natural and focuses on the moment your are in. There is no looking back or worry about the future you only control your present. Sorry I am beginning to ramble but you get my point and you can see how important learning can be plus it is something fun to share with your partner when you run out of things to talk about.

My partner and I have several long and great conversations about things we study. I can honestly say that I don't want to ever stop learning or conversing with my partner.

Here is the book I am currently reading check it out!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Increase your sex drive with... WATERMELON????

Watermelon has long been a great hit in the summer. It is cool and tasty and doesn't have hardly any calories, and now you can even get seedless ones for those of your whose only beef was eating around the seeds. As fruit goes we all know that it is health for us but recent studies are showing the watermelon might just be better for our love life then we ever knew. Watermelon has many things in it that are good for us. The one that could help our sex life however is citrulline. Citrulline has many beneficial functions, one of them being that it helps relax blood vessels much like the new erection help drugs that are out today. This type of relaxation of the blood vessels can help women become arouse easier also. This little bit of information has watermelon farmers smiling from ear to ear. Start stocking up on watermelon and encourage your partner to enter the watermelon eating contest at the fair, because you might be the one that wins the prize.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Keep your Fingernail and Toenails neat and clean.

You hear it so often that after marriage that people start to slip in keeping up their appearance. They fish is caught so why keep using bait is the wrong philosophy to use. One area that you might not think about that often is your fingernails and toenails. There is no bigger turn of then having overgrown and dirty fingernails or toenails. The desire to be touched will be suppressed if the hands that are touching you have dirt under the nails and are jagged and scratchy. Yet this problem can be avoided when you simply sit down to watch television. Keep your nails trimmed neat and make sure to clean out from under them after you come home from work. After you take a shower is the best time to fix your nails as they are softer and easier to work with. Don't think your toes are unimportant either you feet touch in bed all the time and you don't want your partner to think they are sleeping with Freddy Kruger. Not only does neat and trimmed fingernails and toenails help in appearance but it will help in your sex life also. Neat trimmed nails are a plus as you explore you sexuality and your partners. You defiantly don't want to scratch or cut your partner during these times. Ladies paint your nails also it adds a great visual for your man as you touch and please him. Again keeping your nails up isn't a hard chore, but not doing it can find your partner shying away from your touch and that my friend is not a good thing.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Use the ice block method for major purchases.

Spending money as a couple is quite hard to avoid. However impulse spending is easy to avoid all you have to do is turn to your freezer. Take your credit card you use to purchase these impulse items and find a tub and fill it with water. Next place the credit card inside the tube and put it in your freezer. Then the next time the two of you want to purchase that silly home decoration instead of rushing out and putting it on your credit card you will have to wait for the thaw. Yes then set the block of ice out containing your credit card and you have to wait until the block completely thaws out to make the purchase. Usually what will happen is that you will realize during the thawing process that you don't really need that item that you had to have just days ago. This method has been around for years and has helped many couples avoid financial hard ship. If one or both of your are impulse shoppers then this method could save you bundles of money.