Saturday, July 10, 2010

Make a favorites list.

A great thing to do for the two of you to avoid boredom is make a favorites list. Take out a sheet of paper or get your word program up on your computer and take turns picking the subject. Things like "Whats your favorite movie", "Whats your favorite food", and "Whats your favorite author or book" are a few to get you started. Start you list and keep it someplace safe and accessible. Now whenever boredom raises it's ugly head take the list out and add to it. Go back over the things you listed before and see if your favorites have changed. If you keep this up for a long time you might want to right down the date on each entry. That way you can make fun of the fact that 10 years ago your partners favorite song was by WHAM or that their favorite movie was Revenge of the Nerds. If you start a pretty extensive list you will have fun just reading the earlier entries and it will really get you thinking about your new entries. You might think about it for a while before you list leg warmers as your favorite article of clothing.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dinner routines are great but every once in a while break from the norm.

Having dinner at the table with great conversation is a wonderful thing. It can bring us closer and set a time for sharing. However, every once in a while you need to break from the ridged time and make it a party. Yes, make your dinner a party. Weather you order a pizza and eat it sitting on the living room floor or eat standing up in the kitchen. This variety every once in a while can help to explore different things. Maybe it is a new chinese dish that you want to eat while sitting on the floor to get the feel for the way the chinese eat. Make dinner like a family gathering and sit all the food on the table and let you family wander around while eating. You can even make it dinner and a movie where you combine eating dinner with watching a new release movie. Whatever you choice might be just break away from the normal every once in a while at dinner and see what it might spark.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lift your man up!

Ladies if you haven't learned this by now you might not ever. Men think about sex a lot. This is our nature we desire it, we fantasize about it, and we want it all the time. Back up a bit that last little part isn't quite true. Men want sex all the time isn't exactly true we want it until we can have it. Our mind it focused on it until we reach that golden ring. I did a little experiment recently and found that once I had sex I was able to focus more on other tasks be it at work or home more easily for about two days. Once that third day hit my mind started telling me to think about sex again. Which got me thinking, it we had sex every three days my wife would never be able to tell me that all I think about is sex! I read somewhere that most really successful men have a lot it common but one of those things is that they never had to worry about was sex. They said their partner was always there for them in that capacity. Then in another article I read it said that couples that have more sex are happier and live longer. Are you starting to see the trend like I am. Ladies here is my feeling after I read these two articles. If you want your man to be successful, happy and healthy all you have to do is have sex with him on a normal basis so that it doesn't preoccupy his mind. Without having to worry about when he is going to have sex again, or what he can do to get more sex he will be free to think about things like improving his career, fixing up things around the house, and even doing more non-sexual romantic things.

This epic battle of men and women over sex, shouldn't be a battle at all it should be a compromise to benefit your relationship. Men I suggest trying you own little experiment and see how long sex releases it's grip from you mind after you have it. Be honest with yourself and your partner as to when that craving for sex starts to creep back in. Sex everyday is a wonderful thought but it isn't the compromise that most couples make and frankly I don't know if I would actually like to have sex everyday. That might become boring and I never want my sex to become boring. Talk with your partner about this and let them know you are trying to find the compromise that will make you both happy, if they get mad about that then they aren't really putting the effort into your relationship that you both really need.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sandals - Shoes for Lovers

Summer time is great for lots of things but one of my favorite things about summer is being able to wear sandals. Sandals are the most romantic footwear that was ever created. There are plenty of sexy shoes out their with stiletto heels and feathery pumps. However, we are talking romantic shoes here. Sandals are quick to put on and off, which allows you to save time when getting ready. They are comfortable and show off your sexy feet and toes, which will really excite you if you have a foot fetish. They also allow your feel to get air to them and on those hot summer days concealed feet can get pretty stinky. Most of the sandals you pick for summer can also get wet so you don't have to worry if you want to step into a kiddy pool or play in the rain. Plus sandals just have that relaxed feel to them, they are like vacation for your feet. If you don't have great sandals then today is the best day to go out and get some. Then see how romantic they make you feel wearing them around.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We have all heard of foreplay as it is essential to our sex life. Have you ever thought about afterplay? Sex shouldn't just end after climax you need to cool down just like you need to warm up. Afterplay can be as simple as holding each other or caressing the skin lightly. Afterplay is something that could defiantly benefit your relationship, forming a strong bond at a time when you are accepting of it. I suggest being a little more hands on during afterplay everyone is a little sensitive in their genital region after they orgasm but give it a little time then caress that area, also. Don't be afraid of the fluids that you have expelled during your love making it is safe and okay to play in it. Massaging the outer parts of your partners genitals can be relaxing when there is not the need to become aroused. Heck with a little luck and a willing partner afterplay could become foreplay all over again.

Other things you might consider as afterplay bonding is getting a snack to replenish both of you, fruits work wonderful here. A shower together is a wonderful form of afterplay that not only makes you closer but also gets you clean. Afterplay could even be important if you partner might want to have another orgasm and you just can't. Always remember that sex isn't just over once the deed is done because this time is when you love can become so much stronger.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Looking for a Job? Do it together.

As the economy is trying to turn around many of us find ourselves looking for employment. Constant scanning the want ads and the internet for jobs that fit is a nightmare. This nightmare can be a little easier if you enlist the help of your partner. Having another pair of eyes browsing the endless streams of information is a big help. For starters they will look in a totally different manner than yourself. You might pass over a job that might be perfect of you but someone with a more objective eye might have it stick out to them. Another plus for this is that their future depends on this also. When one partner loses a job or is out of work the whole family suffers. Teamwork isn't a option here you need to lower you defences and listen to ideas your partner has. Remember that no one knows you better than your partner, so trust their judgement also.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

Independence Day stands for a lot of things here in the United States and our freedom is the most important. America was build on the fact that we can do what we want and feel comfortable expressing ourselves. So I want to start today by thanking all the people through out our history that made this happen. I enjoy being able to blog and not worry that someone is going to come up and say to me you that I can't do what I enjoy.

Relationship independence is also something you need to have in your life. Do you have things that you enjoy doing outside of your relationship? Maybe it is hanging with your friends or having some alone time. Either way make sure to find time for you to have some independence. Use it to make your relationship stronger, so that you have things to talk about later in the day. Don't use it as a time to break your commitment with you partner or to do things that might jeopardise your relationship. Go golfing with you buddies but when they start being obnoxious towards the opposite sex, don't join in. Have fun but remember you have someone at home that you love very much.