Saturday, July 3, 2010

Women First!

We all know that chivalry is almost dead. Partly because people are selfish now and partly because women don't want to be made to feel like they are less then men. What ever the reason you shouldn't take it into your bedroom. By this I mean you should focus on the woman's sexual needs first then the mans. Why you might ask? Simple it takes the woman much longer to heat up sexually then the man in most cases. She needs to be heated up much like you heat your oven before you cook in it. Men on the other hand and ready to go as soon as the clothes hit the floor, so they are like a microwave. This is why we focus on the women first giving them time to enjoy the whole intimacy. Gone are the days when the guy finishes and rolls over to go to sleep. The women need satisfaction, too. Not all women need to orgasm to enjoy sex but you still need to give them that chance. I suggest always start by focusing on the woman's enjoyment, men you know you will be ready when she is so just be a little patient. The more you warm her up the better your cooking will be.

Now if you in a same sex relationship then you just have to decide who takes longer and start with them.

Friday, July 2, 2010

If you feel like making love, then make love.

Don't deny the feelings that you body is telling you. If you body tells you it is time to make love to your partner then do it. Don't wait for a better time, and unless it is not appropriate then satisfy you desires. When you wait for the perfect time you can never get everything in line and you will just keep waiting and waiting. Now is the time, if you body is feeling it then act on those feelings. Maybe you in the middle of watching a movie at home or you just are amazed at how beautiful you partner looks across the room. Grab them by the hand and lead them away to an amazing wonderful time. Believe me your body knows what you need and there is no better time to act then when it tells you to.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Teasing, when that is all you can do!

Teasing each other at times when nothing else can happen is a great way to build excitement for the next time you get a chance to be intimate. Times like on family vacations, at in laws house for supper, or during a cook out are a few of these times that stick out in my mind. For example on vacation get a little frisky under the coves and let your hands do a little exploring, knowing that you can have full out sex but a little petting would be a great tease for a later time when the petting can go much farther. Sneak away for a passionate kiss at a family dinner or hold hands during a friendly cook out. No matter what type of teasing turns you on you can find a couple of minutes to get the blood pumping for later. A wink, a kiss, or a tush squeeze are all things that can jump start teasing when nothing can happen. The beauty of all this teasing is that it makes both of you feel really good and creates desire to follow through on the teasing later.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Art is romantic and it can show that you are, too.

When art is created it is made with the passion of the artist and his/her desire to create and bring beauty to this world. We get to experience this romance by getting to view these works of art, soaking in what the artists have given us of themselves. Being creative is romantic but not everyone can paint the Mona Lisa or sculpt a wonderful statue. We have to look at what our creative thing is to share that romance with our partner. Maybe it is wood working and you construct wonderful cabinets or if your talent is yard work and you make your yard look like the garden of eden. Share this passion with your mate and let them experience what besides your relationship that you are passionate about. Maybe it is cooking, sewing, or playing golf? What ever you passion is can be viewed as art work and can be shared with the people you love. Tell your partner what you love and let them know that it is a desire to be the best you can be at it. Then make sure you don't put that passion ahead of them.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sometimes you just have to get mad

Sometimes you just have to get mad. Does't matter if you are in traffic or at home. You just have to let it out sometimes. This way you don't explode later for no reason. Direct your anger at what makes you angry and leave your relationship out of it. We tend to dump our problems into our relationship because it is comfortable and easy to do. Our partner tries to understand but sometimes it is just way to hard. Think about that next time you fly off the handle at your partner because work was bad. Did they cause the situation or are you just directing your anger at them? Chew on that next time.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Anal Play

Anal play is an often over looked aspect of love making. People think it will be dirty or that it is wrong. Well I am here to tell you that it can heighten you love making beyond the norm. There are an extreme amount of nerve ending around the anus thus making it a pleasure center. Several people find that anal stimulation during sex is a real turn on. If you are uncomfortable with insertion just playing or rimming the anus is a stimulation that can make your sex more exciting. Butt Plugs are a great addition to anyones sexual arsenal but make sure anything you are sticking up your butt has a flared base. Taking a trip to the hospital to retrieve that vibrator could be a little embarrassing. When you first start to experiment with anal play make sure to take it slow and use lots of lubrication. Your butt doesn't lubricate itself so lubrication is a must for you anal play. Stop when ever there is pain and remove inserted items slowly as a safety feature. Guys don't be afraid of this it does not make you a homosexual if you enjoy anal play plus it might give you some insight into why some men enjoy being homosexual. If you have ever hear of milking your prostate then this is the way to get to that area. Milking the prostate while some find it most enjoyable is also a great way to protect yourself from prostate problems later on. Together you should search the net and find some toys to play with or use your best item, that being your fingers. Again make sure to pick up lots of your favorite lubrication and have at it. Enjoy and believe me you won't be disappointed.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quite making excuses

Relationships are full of excuses. Excuses to get out of attending events, excuses for not having friends over, excuses for why the house is a mess, excuses for not making love and we can all fall into this trap. Excuses are easy to make up so that you don't have to go out of your way to do things. They can be as easy as I am tired to as complex as having several back up excuses so that if the first ones don't work you are covered. You can not mow the lawn because it's hot, or you can not go to your friends cook out because someone you don't like is going to be there. These are all cop outs and they don't allow you to live like you should. Stop making excuses today! Start living your life again and start enjoying your relationship like it is new again. Take that dance class, go to that ballgame, stay up late, enjoy life without excuses.