Saturday, June 12, 2010

Read something that inspires you.

Reading is one of the best things you can do. Not only for yourself but for your relationship, also. Once a month pick a book that either has something to do with an added area of your relationship or a self help type of book. Not that you have to follow the suggestions of the book word for word or make a complete lifestyle change. However I am sure you can find bits and pieces of the book that you might enjoy in your life. Things like tantric practices, building self esteem, ways to improve conversations, are great ideas when you are searching for books. If you are on a budget you can find older book in bargain bins or has lots of books that basically you purchase for a penny and just pay the shipping and handling on. Click on our amazon side bar and find a book that is just right for you. What I like about amazon is their search feature. Just type in a suggestion and you will soon have thousands of books to choose from. Your library is another option but in my dealings with our local library is that they tend to shy away from books about things having to do with sex, and or relationships issues. If you have lots of friends that read you can even start a book co-op where you all purchase a book then put it into the community for anyone to read after you finish it. By reading different things we keep our minds open to things the might really help our relationship down the line or at the current time. You can either read the book together or apart. If you are reading a book leave it out so that your partner can see what you are reading. This act alone will spark some conversations that might get you both thinking a little differently.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Learn to talk a little dirty.

Deep inside our brains we all like a little dirty talk. Either in the throws of passion or as foreplay this dirty talk can take us to a higher level in our sex life. Even the most reserved person can become a dirty talker with a little practice. First you have to learn your style, are you the demanding dirty talker. Demanders bark out instructions using the most vivid words. You could be the screamer where you throw out dirty words as you orgasm. Maybe your the shy one that likes to send your dirty talk via text messages or email. No matter what your style dirty talk can enhance your relationship. Ladies you have the upper hand at this, while for guys we need to be a little more reserved. Guys blurting out dirty words out of the bedroom might seem a little abusive however it is quite different if the lady comes out and asks for her partner to put their face between her boobs. I have found a great web site to help you learn to talk dirty and give you several phrases you might want to use sometime. The link is posted below. Good luck and happy dirty talking.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just be buddies for a day!

There is so much pressure in a relationship to have it perfect. Being romantic enough, having your finances in order, having the best sex possible, and catering to each other are enough to give you a break down. First thing, stop trying to make your relationship perfect it isn't possible. No relationship is perfect they all have flaws of some sorts.

The next time the two of you have a day just to hang out with each other I want you to just be friends. Treat each other like you would your friends. Joke around do things that you aren't relationship based. Go play golf, go shopping, eat at a place that isn't romantic, do what you do when the two of you are apart. Have fun, be silly, and don't put any pressure on the day by being a couple. This might sound a little silly but it will bring you closer more so than you might think.

One of the biggest problems I hear from couples is they don't have fun together anymore. Their dates seem like chores or things they must do. Break out of that and start being friends again and see how it improves your relationship. When we start dating we obviously have some attraction to each other but we really want someone we can have fun with. So why should that stop once we have this wonderful relationship? You tell me.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Budgets, budgets, budgets.

Budgets they are a fact of life in a relationship. It seemed so easy to stay on budget before you had a partner and maybe even children. When you only had to worry about yourself and the unknown things that popped up. Now you have to worry about the rest of the people in your family, too. Well here is a great way to start to get used to using a budget. Start out by making a budget for your dates, say you only have like $50 to spend on a evening out. See how the two of you start to work together to figure out where you want to dedicate the most money. Maybe you would rather have a nice dinner so the rest of the night you have to do things on the cheap. Or maybe the food doesn't matter and you eat before you go out and spend the money on movies or at the bar for drinks. This is the fun part and it gets you working together a staple to any happy relationship. Once you start to get your dates within you budget, then branch out and start doing it at the supermarket or when you go shopping. Soon you will have easy conversations when it comes to money. This might not make your finances in the best shape but it will start giving you tools to use to make the most of what you do have, and that is a great relationship.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Universe Loves Passion.

The Universe or heavens loves passion. The great beyond loves when you are passionate about things. Have you ever heard the old saying "Do something you are passionate about!" Well this holds true in our relationships, too. Have you ever noticed that the couples that seem to be the happiest have the best luck. Do you think this is by accident all the time. You can chalk it up to many things such as when you are happy things don't bother you as much or that love conquers all. However I believe that when you unleash your passion into your relationship the powers around and above us thank you for doing that. Things become easier, life doesn't have as many twists and turns, it is the Universe's way of thanking you for unleashing your power and energy into the cosmos. Call me crazy but think back to when you had the best luck, where you in a great relationship? Was everything going good in your love life, did you have to search or wish for passion? Most likely not because when you have the passion in your relationship it frees you up to concentrate on many other area of your life. Thusly when you are not missing passion in your relationship your entire life becomes easier. Passion is a need not a desire once we have it and hold on to it the world opens up to us in several different ways. So today get the passion in your relationship and start enjoying the world as it was suppose to be

Monday, June 7, 2010

Change pictures often.

Here is a great way to keep things fresh in your mind and your relationship. Get a few picture frames and set them around the house in specific areas, where they will be viewed often. Then place just a regular picture of in them. Now comes the fun part pick and time frame, be it a month or a week. Then when that time frame is up go around to all the pictures and change them. Put a different picture in each and every frame. The change of scenery if you will, can make you and your partner do a double take. Once you get this in place your partner will soon be watching closely as it near for the time for the picture change. If this might be to much for you to remember every so often, then get one of those digital picture frames. Then load up a memory card with lots of pictures and put that card in the frame. Then all you have to do is go over and switch the picture being shown on the frame. You can set the digital frame to rotate however if you do this then make sure to load some different pictures onto the frame from time to time. Then you can sit back and enjoy the pictures and the memories of things like vacations, your wedding, birthdays, or just times of relaxation.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

How close can you get.

Here is a little exercise that is fun and exciting and will leave you yearning for more. Several times during the day see how close you can get your lips to each others without touching. Get close enough to feel the heat coming off of them but resist the urge to kiss. Stay in this position for a few seconds and see how passionate being that close can be. Feel your partners breath, sense their energy and soak in their aura. Make sure to start deep into each others eyes to get the maximum out of your closeness. I get shivers down my back being that close without touching. The desire to touch will be strong but use the force or whatever means you can to resist. Finally at the end of the night have a make out session. With deep passionate kissing and release all the feeling of being so close to each other you could almost taste it.