Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spin off site coming soon.

With the success of THE COUPLES SPOT we wanted to try to do a little more in the area of relationship improvement. Thus we are getting prepared to start a more direct relationship help site. The difference between this and other sites is that we are going to start strengthening your relationship, marriage, or partnership before troubles arise. We want to build immunity to those things that ruin relationship. Much like exercise helps the body avoid health issues. You can check out the start of or progress by clicking here - ZOB ALEX - PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP TRAINER I hope that you will check it out and give it a try we are about a month away from full launch so check in often and let us know what you think.

We could also use any questions you might have or areas of discussion you might want to bring up on the site. You can email your questions to me at and I will be happy to respond to them.

Friday, May 28, 2010

How much focus do you put in your relationship?

Do you put much focus in your relationship? Are you always looking for things to make it better or are you like the millions that just let it happen. Well I am here to tell you that if you think your relationship just gets better with age, you are wrong. If you talk to couples that have great relationships you will find a common factor they are always looking for something to challenge or inspire their relationship. It might be a new activity for them to share or a trip to a different location. Experimenting with intimacy or finding different date ideas can make your relationship keep that spark that it had in the beginning. You should think about your relationship everyday because it is a constant living breathing part of your life. Even if it is a little as making sure to give that special kiss before leaving for work. Our relationship is the basis for all our happiness when you have a great relationship and it thrives the rest of your life will follow. So put your relationship at the top of your list today and everyday.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What questions are you asking?

Relationships are give and take and they will always be that way. However I see many couples that don't want to explore each others worlds. We want to tell them about the wonderful or awful things that happen to us but how often do we ask them about things? What is your first course of actions in the morning? Do you ask your partner if they slept well or if they had any exciting dreams? When you get home from work what are your first words? The should be, "How was your day?" or "Anything exciting happen today" Demand that your partner tell you about their excitement and their happenings even if they are boring. Hopefully then they will return the favor, this sparks so much conversation in your relationship and it shows that you really care about them. Resist the urge to jump in and start telling your story until they ask about it and if you can't wait just make sure to ask about their day after you are finished. We want to know that our beloved want to know about what we are doing it makes us know that they are thinking about us during the day.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hair / Head Massage.

When you partners runs their fingers though you hair, do you get a wonderful sensation that you wish wouldn't stop. Maybe your sitting home reading together when your partner starts scratching your head. You want to be like a dog and start moving your leg with the scratching. My point with all this is that we sometimes forget what wonderful sensations that touching can have on our head and hair. Take about ten minutes and give your partner a massage on their head, making sure to pay attention to the hair. Move the hair around, tussle it a little bit and get those nerves in your head and follicles singing with feeling. You might be amazed at how wonderful and exciting this massage can feel. Get online and find some great technique and tonight surprise your lover with a little head massage to get them relaxed. What happens after that is totally up to you and the sensation your head massage gives.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Change your time for Sex!

Do you always have sex at the same time? Are you bedtime people and that is the only time that you will make love? Well I want to suggest making a time change. Try making love at a different time of the day then normal. I like to call it vacation sex. Breaking out of your routine might make your love making a little more exciting. Plus by being open to different times you allow yourself to avoid issues that might keep you from having sex all together. When the kids are at school is a time that is seldom used for sex, but allows you the freedom of not being interrupted or having to wait for the older kids to go to bed. Also you don't have to worry about being tired or the differences in your sleeping schedules.

Morning sex is the best for some people it gives them a great start to their day. It's like getting up and doing your exercises before you shower. I would suggest this to anyone that likes to got to bed really early. The only problem with morning sex is the death breath you collect during the night but that can easily be cured with a trip to the bathroom or now they have the little portable toothbrushes that you could sit right on your headboard.

I don't care when you enjoy having your sex, night time, afternoon, morning they are all wonderful times that have their own unique positive qualities. What I want to say is don't put off having sex if the time you enjoy is not available for some reason then pretend your on vacation and have vacation sex anytime you can find.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Never to old!

Don't make this your coffin!

I hear this a lot when couples talk about doing things. "I'm too old for that" and frankly I just don't buy it. Our bodies are made to be pushed and used and when we start deciding that we can't use them any more we become sediment. We gradually start to sink down into that chair in front of the television and soon find our self uncomfortable any time we are not there. Well my friends I am here to tell you to get your butt and your partners butt up and get out and enjoy your life. Don't get me wrong if your 80 years old I don't think that playing a game of tackle football is in your best interest. However at 80 the two of you can still get out and walk and sight see. At 80 you can still ride a bike, go fishing, or any number of activities that don't involve the television. You body will respond to the way you let it and if you want it to be worn out and broken down just let it sit around doing nothing. Have you ever had a car that hasn't been drove in a few years it doesn't run very well does it well that is same thing your body does. Grab your partner and get out and explore, play golf, ride bikes, dance, and life your life don't watch it from your chair! Motivate each other and you might just be able to get rid of the chairs all together.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

looking for the pot of gold in your relationship? Don't look backwards!

Are you carrying baggage from past experiences that are creeping into your relationship. While we can't forget the past totally if we look forward the path seems less cluttered. When the baggage holds you back from your feelings or letting your self love like you should then you are unable to travel that path that your relationship needs to follow. Instead you just keep backtracking and going over the same part of the path over and over again. Take a deep breath and clear those feelings from the past give them a kiss and let them be on their way. Then take the hard path and enjoy the fruits of your relationship. Remember fears and longings only make us weak and timid, the strong forge ahead with reckless abandon that is how you find the treasure.