Saturday, May 22, 2010

Great Date Idea: Night at the Museum.

In the effort to find a great date idea that doesn't break the bank, you just need to look for a little culture. Museums offer a great place to walking around holding and hands and conversing about the things you see. Sparking many different conversations and feelings based on the works at the museum. Now you might not like art and if that is the case there are a multitude of other museums that don't have anything to do with art. The football hall of fame had many many displays that will grab your attention. Plus there are several little obscure museums around that offer a look into very specific interests. Say for instance the Firefighters Museum or the Museum of Toy Trains whatever your tastes there is a museum out there for it. Don't live near a museum then you can always check out itunes and get a number of podcasts from the bigger museums on their recent exhibits. Then you could even snuggle down on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and visit the museum you wish. Some museums charge a fee but many of them only ask for donations, so check around and see what museum you might like to visit on your next date night.

Friday, May 21, 2010

We Love BOOBS. and our lady partners.

We here at the couples spot love boobs. We think they are amazing they can be fun and exciting for both partners. They can be a complete turn on but for many woman they can be a great source of stress and concern. Breast Cancer is a serious concern for any woman, it can rob them of their life. We love our partners so as the protectors we men like to be (and some women, too) make sure you suggest to your partner to get a mammogram it might not seem like a great present to get them one for your anniversary. However showing that you care about them and giving them peace of mind goes a long way. You should also encourage then to do regular self examinations in the shower. Noticing any lumps early is the best way to combat this major killer of women. Make it part of your foreplay if you like, that way you as the partner has a hand in noticing anything different, because we know how much attention you want to show your partners breasts! We joke about this but regular breast play with your lover might help detect breast cancer very early on. The women in our lives are special beyond belief so do your part to protect them from this killer. THINK PINK.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Ego of a couple

This couple only looks like their relationship is cold. However their couples ego is warm as could be.

We all have an ego all of our own. Be it arrogant or not we all have to deal with it from time to time. My question is however do we have a ego as a couple? Do we see our relationship as different from other peoples be it better or worse. If we do have an ego on our relationship, how do we handle it together. Is it one specific ego that forms from our union or is it a combination of both of our personal egos? We all have the image of a perfect relationship and sometimes we pick a couple that we feel is the ideal couple to base that feeling on. Have you ever left a place and said to each other "Wow they are a great couple" thinking that they have it all together. However we don't know how the respond to each other when they are alone. On the surface they might seem like the couple of amazing relationships but it could all be a front. Their couples ego might be that they have to act like the most amazing couple in front of others. But, when they get behind closed doors it might be quite the opposite. I am sure that you have had contact with a couple that seems like out of the blue they are getting divorced. It shocks you and you think, "Wow they were a really happy couple" but maybe you were just baffled by their couples ego or the image it put forth. I guess what I am trying to tell you is to not let your relationship ego get disillusioned by what you view as the great relationship. Work from the stand point of making your relationship the best it can be for the two of you and let the other relationship egos fend for themselves.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time for some change

Sometimes in even in a relationship we need some change. No I am not talking about looking for a new partner, I am talking about breathing some life into your relationship. Do things a little differently then you have been doing them for the past years. Switch sides that you sleep on in bed, or change chores at the house, these types of little things can make your relationship seem fresh and new. Get a new hair style, pick up a new way to exercise, or rearrange the house all of these little differences can make a world of difference in your life. Go through all you clutter and clean it out make room for new and exciting things. Get all those old pictures out of storage go through them and make a scrapbook or put them on the computer. Buy new sheets for the bed, or switch all the cabinets around not only does this make your relationship better but it will help your mind also. New positions during sex and trying new toys can bring that thrill back to your sex life. So, you see change is a very good thing it keeps our relationship fresh and exciting. Look around today and see what you can change you might just get that little spark you've been looking for.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sex in a relationship is much more then it appears.

Within a loving and mutual relationship sex takes on a whole new meaning. It isn't just a pleasure of the flesh it becomes a ritual of love and a dance of the souls. Think about how you feel after you make love to your partner. Most generally you are in a sense of relaxation and comfort. Next time you make love take some mental notes on how great you feel how and the power that you have connected with your partner. Within a relationship sex is a real wonder drug not only does it bring you closer to each other but it connects the power within both of you. Forming a supper being if you will. This is why I would suggest that coupes experiment with different aspects of sex. Try different positions, explore you bodies don't get stuck doing it the same way over and over. The more you find that excites you the more the charge you will get from it afterwards. Sex in a wonderful relationship has a way of slowing down time and giving you that confidence to go out and tackle the world. Few things in the life are as pleasurable as the love and passion of your partner. That is by design, that is why we search so hard for the person that is just right for us, that person that we want to find enlightenment with. Intimacy brings together all the abilities in both of you and combines them making the bond of love the greatest power in the universe.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Morning, now let's stretch.

Stretching is one of the lost arts in our society. I am not talking about warming up before you get ready to work out. I am talking about when you wake up and get your body woke up. Within your relationship stretching should be like saying good morning to each other. You should take a couple of minutes and push your body into stretches to loosen up the joints and muscles that have been pretty much dormant during the night. It is therapeutic to your body and gets your blood pumping right from the start of your day. Plus it feel really good to get a great stretch in your body. Watch babies and animals when they first wake up. Can your picture your dog stretching out or your cat arching their back. Babies do this quite often as they work their bodies out form being in the womb for 9 months. Take the cue from these natural signs that stretching is good for you. Now don't let your partner get out of bed tomorrow without stretching and gving your a big hug.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reading can it hurt?

Can reading hurt your relationship? Reading is a wonderful activity and is a great alternative to watching countless hours of television. However reading can detract from your relationship just as television can. If one of the other of you become more into the reading then your relationship. I am amazed at the amount of romance stories I see some people have. Walls and walls of romantic novels, what does that tell you? Someone is not getting enough romance in their life and they are getting in through the use of these books. My suggestion to them would be to start living the romance and stop thinking that it will be like the authors put it in their books. Your partner might not have the perfect body or be able to pick you up and carry you to the bedroom. If your partner is not receptive to the romance then you need to be more creative in your pursuits. Reading a book to get your romance is not the way it was intended. These romance novels are produced to sale a lot of copies which means there are loads of lonely people out their not getting the attraction that they need. Sure an occasional romance novel isn't harmful it could actually maybe getting you a little excited and ready for your own lover. However if you are thinking that things have to happen like they do in the books your are going to be disappointed. Read a book from time to time but don't forget that the person sitting in the other room can be your knight in shinning armor, just maybe with the armor.