Saturday, May 15, 2010

In you Relationship as well as life always be optimistic.

We so often go through life with blinders on, and this is true in our relationships, too. We don't look at the bigger picture and have preconceived ideas before we experience items. For the next month or so I want you to make it a habit to be open to everything you do. This might sound hard but after you get over the first couple of hurdles it gets a lot smoother. Say for instance, you partner ask you to go to the ballet, and you a football on sundays type of person. Instead of shaking your head and rolling your eyes, be optimistic. Tell yourself as well as your partner, that will be interesting to experience, I would love to see how a ballet could stimulate me. Another example might be that your partner is bugging you about having intimacy. Instead of saying, "Is that all you think about" to them try this "I am amazed that you desire me so much, I would love to make love to you" You can use this is so many ways to improve your relationship and your life. Say your trash gets knocked over in the night by animals and spread all over you yard. You could be outside cursing like a sailor (sorry sailors, just a saying). Instead you could tell yourself as you are cleaning up the mess, "This is a valuable lesson and next time I will make sure to put the trash where animals cannot get it" By being optimistic in our relationship we open ourself up to all the love available to us.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Date nights a must for all long term relationships

One thing that you have to do when you are in a long term relationship is to continue to date each other. It might sound silly but the use of dates can keep your relationship fresh and exciting for many many years to come. Plan your dates well in advance so that you have time to find a baby sitter, or save for a night out for the two of you. Make sure you have specific things to do also as to not waste the night wondering what to do. Make your date night a specific time either each week or month. You can make it the 2nd Friday of each month or every thursday night it just depends on what fits your schedule. Make it a grand even and if you want to make if feel like a real date have one partner come knock on the door to pick you up. One last thing make sure you end each date with a make out session if it ends up with a little action in the bedroom is up to you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Exchange

Just like in the spy movies we sometimes in a relationship have to have a little exchange. In the movies they put items in a briefcase then switch the cases then they are done. The go on their way, well maybe the get chased or shot at. In a relationship our briefcase is imaginary and the baggage we put it in is a lot more important. The exchange happens quite quickly and you have to keep your eyes peeled to see it. Just like in the movies it is a switching of items that one party had that the other one wants. In a relationship it happens like this. You might ask your partner for a neck massage and they might reply "I will massage your neck, if we get to watch the movie I want tonight" BAM the exchange is made and both parties get what they want. Sometimes this exchange might take a little more debt or bargaining. With a little practice and time you will quickly be doing this without even thinking about it. Now your relationship has become a game of espionage. That sounds a lot more sexy then just saying will you trade for this.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hand Massage

A great way to show your partner you are thinking about them in a less then sexual way is to give them a hand massage. We don't realize how much we use our hands. If your partner spends any time at the computer or typing then their hands might need it more then they realize. Hand massages are easier then other areas of massage because you can sit together. You don't have to be over the top of them or sitting with their back towards you. Get some massage oil or even baby oil and gently work the meaty parts of the hand. Most likely you will be meet with a moan of delight as we just don't get our hands worked on very often. Then make sure to work each finger individually. Make sure not to pull to hard or creating pain in any way. Make sure to follow up with the other hand and really work out the kinks that are most likely there but unknown to the receiver. This romantic massage can be preformed anywhere and you can even do it while the two of you are watching television. Touch is such a relationship builder that you should take advantage of any way possible to touch the one you love, and a hand massage is a great way to do that.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bored? Why not play the old fashioned game of Strip Poker!

Strip Poker has been around for years and years. However, playing a game with your partner that gets you both naked never goes out of style. Find a nice secluded place in your house at a time when you won't get interrupted and have at it. You might ask what you do if one of the two of you doesn't know how to play poker? Well first of all that is good news for the person that does know. If you want to keep it fair however pick a different game and work out a way to get naked playing it. Monopoly for example you could pick a square like community chest where instead of paying you have to remove one piece of clothing. No matter what game you like to play their is a strip version of it. Just get your creative juices flowing and figure it out. Make sure to send me you stories on which game you played and how you worked the stripping part into the game. I would love to hear about them and pass them along to our viewers. Heck tic tac toe can now become tic tac oHHHHHHH.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lean on me.

In a relationship we think of it all as push and shove. How we have to get what we want and our partner has to get what they want. There is no thought of balance between the two. Maybe if we work together we can both get what we want and keep a wonderful balance between the two. Say for instance you want to go play golf. Is it okay to go play when your partner trying to finish a project, where they have to deal with the kids and distractions while completing this task? Yet you want to play golf and it wouldn't be fair for you either to miss an enjoyment that you like? This is where we work together to get us both what we need. The simple solution would be to take care of the children and distractions so your partner could get their work done in a timely fashion. Then you would head out to the links, maybe a little later than you wanted but still in time to play. Now on the other side, knowing that your partner was itching to get out and play golf the other partner should work diligently on getting their stuff done. No talking on the phone to a friend during this time or creating distractions for yourself. Then you both get satisfied and your relationship becomes a wonderful place. Now instead of pushing and shoving against each other you are pushing and shoving in the same direction, thus more will get accomplished.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Your mother, their mother, oh mother!

Mothers day has so many ways to celebrate as we go into this celebration of the wonderful women in our life. Start with the mother that brought you into this world give her the justice she deserves for putting up with you crap during your teenage years. Give her the hugs and kisses you held back when she didn't let you go on the trip that landed your friends in jail. Next move on to the woman that mothered your children (if you don't have children skip this step) Give her all the praise and wonderment she deserves for going through labor to bring that wonderful bundle of joy that you have in your life. Finally celebrate the woman in your life for the amazing creature that she is for putting up with your shit. I mean come on how many times have you pissed her off or done something totally stupid and yet she still loves you. You know it is sad that most people wait until this day to celebrate these wonderful women. Maybe we should take a little more time during the rest of the year to make them know how important they are to us. We Love You Women, Thank YOU!!!!