Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sexy Sleepwear for men??? where is it?

About every week we get a new Victoria Secret Catalog in the mail. Page after page of beautiful women wearing the most sexy things you can imagine. The images are beautiful and sexy and they get me thinking about sex right away. However what is sexy for a man to wear. Boxers is about the only thing that pops into my mind and they have overdone that so much. I mean really are boxers with cartoon characters on them sex??? Another fact is that they make sexy clothing for women that are a little out of shape but for men where is the sexy thing that hides our bellies. Does the world not care about the state of sexiness for men? How can we look sexy with out looking, well for lack of a better word, silly. I mean can us normal guys pull off a small pair of undies or a thong with a banana on the front? Come on designers I challenge you to make something that will make us men look sexy and not silly. I don't know the answer or I would market it myself. Sexy shouldn't just be for the really in shape people, we all want to feel comfortable in our bodies and sex would be great exercise for some people. So we as a society need to find something that will have our partners biting their lips with ecstasy instead of rolling around on the bed laughing.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Birth Control for a solid relationship

In any relationship where sex is involved you will need to consider birth control unless you are wanting to have children. You might think this is an easy choice but it is as different as there are as many couples out there. Condoms are great but they don't allow you to feel the closeness. The pill is consistent but has some major hormonal effects for some women. Diaphragms, IUD's, female condoms, etc all have one draw back or another. There is not perfect solution that is 100% effective and most of them do not allow you to be spontaneous. So, you might ask what is the right choice should you get a vasectomy or your tubes tied? Well are you going to want to have kids at some point and time? If so then these are not options and again they are not 100% effective. They are a little closer but still cases have been reported where pregnancy has occurred after either of these procedures have been performed. The right answer for you depends on the two of you, which method offers the most protection while fitting into your lifestyle. Is it right for you to put the pressure on the woman to remember to take the pill all the time, or will condoms not let you feel the pleasure that both of you enjoy. Together you have to way all the options, another thing to consider is how you feel on pregnancy is it something you both might want at some point. Then maybe you can choose a lesser effective method and play a little hit or miss game. You can even switch it up a bit use condoms one time and then use a diaphragm the next time. What ever you choice it needs to be a combined choice and that will make it work the best for the both of you.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Standing in your partners shoes.

Have you ever wondered how your partner is thinking? Wondering how they are viewing what you are saying or how they are truly feeling about a subject. Well there is a form of meditation where you try to place yourself in this other persons position to try and feel how they view the subject you are wondering about. Two people can view the same thing in many different was. You need to listen to your partners feelings then try to meditate and put yourself in their positions knowing how they feel. You might get a better understanding of how they are viewing the subject. This doesn't say that the way you are viewing it is wrong it is just that they have a different perspective. Until you can step out of your feelings you might not ever understand theirs. Maybe you don't have to get into a deep meditation to see this? Maybe you can be objective without getting into a zen like state, if so more power to you. I suggest sitting alone in a quite space, relax yourself with breathing and motionlessness. Then visualize the person you want to understand better, then become them in your mind and look at yourself. Knowing how they tell you they feel, visualize it from their perspective while you are looking at yourself. Have them do they same if they are open to it and maybe you both will realize that neither of your is wrong and both of you are right. Funny that is how opinions work, yet without stepping out of our own shoes sometimes it is hard to swallow.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can your relationship be spontaneous in this day and age.

Most people want their relationship to just fall in their lap. You want a magical fairy tale that is happy all the time and just happens. Spontaneous relationships are a fairy tale, the truth is relationships take work and lot of it. The rewards are amazing but without putting the effort into them you will be left, just waiting for things to happen. Sure their are some people that are so in tune with each other that they seem to think the same but believe me they have issues just like everyone else. Spontaneous happens when you are not thinking about what you want. I don't know anyone that doesn't think about a relationship if they want one. I think the word spontaneous should be taken out of any association with a relationship. Think about this. People always say that they want spontaneous sex and when it happens the passion and love are great. However, you end up waiting and waiting and waiting for the spontaneous to happen. It's frustrating to wait for passion and love, taking the initiative to bring those feelings on is how you grow a relationship. If you have to wait for spontaneous to show your partner how much you care about them they might get the feeling you don't care. Stop waiting for things to just happen in your relationship. Take them by the balls and make what you want happen. Go as far as to schedule things like dates, getaways, walks, talks and even sex. Quite waiting on spontaneous because it never shows up when you need it to. Take charge and take action today.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is a kiss just a kiss?

When you kiss your partner good bye or hello is it just a greeting or more than that? After all you don't kiss everyone hello or goodbye do you? Aside from you kids or your parents that usually doesn't happen. So, I ask again is a kiss more than we give it credit for. Is it the passing of breath between two lovers? Is it exchanging life force or your inner light? We might never know why a kiss is so important. The tingling lips the moister in the act causes me to believe that is a sharing in some sort of way. You can even tell your partners feelings in their kiss, by the pressure or the force behind it. Heck you can even tell if they are mad at you by their kiss. Maybe if we put more focus on each kiss we share with our partner we might start to become closer then ever before. Some people say that kissing is foreplay and I agree but I think it is so much more deeper that that. I think it is two being one and the sharing of desires and passions and of space. Most people don't think about kissing in this manner but next time you kiss your partner really see if you can feel what they are feeling, then look deep in their eyes telling them you love them.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Self Help for couples.

If you like most people you have read several self help books in your life time. No matter if you wanted to increase your memory, get in better shape, or improve areas that you lack a little in. Well why not take a self help book and work on it together. What better support can you have then your partner. Walking through the ins and outs of what ever area you want to improve on together will also bring you closer together. If you want to improve your finances, you can find plenty of authors that will help the two of you. You can make action plans together and take it upon yourselves to push the other partner when they lag behind. Get in shape together, learn a new language, or improve your love life. Whatever you challenge might be go ahead and dive into it together. Learning never hurt anyone so even if the subject might not interest you as much as your partner still but the effort into making it a priority. If you would like to improve the intimacy in your relationship I would suggest picking up SEXY CHALLENGES from the authors of the couples spot to start out with.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Experiment with your toes a little

Toes, toes, toes, they never get the recognition they deserve. Unless you have a foot fetish or a toe fetish they pretty much go unnoticed. However, toes can be wonderfully sexy. Freshly painted toenails can add an excitement to your love making. Using your toes as a sensual tool can be a challenge that most couples will find a little exciting. You can do so much with your toes that are sexy. Think about massaging your partner with you toes. Using your toes like your fingers you can run them across your partners genitals to get them aroused and feeling vital with a new sensation. Rubbing your partners toes can be a turn on for both partners with the use of oil and technique you can turn your toes into a erogenous zone very quickly. Kissing and sucking on clean toes gives another sensual dimension to your love making. Toes may not be the first thing you think about when you become aroused but they can definitely add to the adventure of intimacy.