Saturday, April 10, 2010

From the creators of The Couples Spot - SEXY CHALLENGES is born

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Being intimate is not a bargaining tool.

One thing every person knows is that intimacy and sex is important in a relationship. However, so many couples use it as a bargaining tool. Both sides are to blame. Remember when you started dating and the passion and intimacy just happened. Some how when we become life partners we forget about that. We let things like work, kids, and countless other things get in the way of the freedom we had in our intimacy. Yet we do nothing about it. We hear things like "Well if you helped more around the house, I might be in the mood more" or "Well if you didn't let yourself go, I would be more attracted to you again" These things hurt and are most definitely not good for a relationship. Never should you put a tag on your love life, that should be a mutual exchange of the love between the two of you, not just a chore. You can't force sex and you can't ignore sex, it has to be in a relationship to make both partners happy. The passion has to come back and you have to compromise or you just end up becoming roommates. Use this exercise to help you get over you stipulations on sex, think about the wonderful things your partner does, think about the wonderful times you have had together, and relive all those feelings. Do you want to create more of them? Well think back what was going on in your life when they happened, most likely there was a lot of passion between the two of you????? Are you getting the picture make it a point to woe each other again, get excited about having a date together, kiss when you come home from work, these little things will start to manifest your desire for each other and soon you won't have to worry about it the passion will take care of itself.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Discussing thing in a deeper Manner.

Do you know your partners views on life and death, what about their religious beliefs or feelings? Do they believe in evolution, or what about bigfoot, the loch ness monster, or aliens? How do they feel about dreams and their spirit? Most people I hope feel comfortable enough with their partners to let them know how they feel about these things. However, still several do not for fear of having a different opinion then the one they love. After all how could two people stay together is one believes in bigfoot and the other thinks it is just a guy in an ape suite? I joke but their is a lot of passion in discussing your believes no matter what they are on. The wonderful part about it is most likely we will never know the correct answers as long as we are on earth. We can have different views on what happens after death because we don't know for sure. The important thing is to discuss these feelings, explain them to your lover, and listen without judging to their views. This is a great way to get closer, excepting their side and their feelings will make you understand them a little better. This got started last night on our drive home from the John Edwards -Psychic Medium show we attended last night. My partner has very deep and thought out views on spirituality and I love to hear her explain them. The wonderful part about her is that she will listen to my views or won't laugh at my questions. I love these deep conversations with her we have been having them a lot lately and they have my mind thinking about things that I didn't even realize would have impact on my life. The point of all this is get to know your partner a little better and you don't have to agree 100% with them but it is nice to hear their feelings and passion about them.

Special Note to my partner if you are reading this - "Thank you for the wonderful conversations we have, I love hearing your views and passions. Don't ever stop explaining your feelings to me. I love you"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Warm up for sex.

We all know that foreplay is important to get our sex life off the ground. Foreplay can be many things to different people. However, this is not the type of warm up I want to talk about before sex. As with other forms of exercise loosening up the muscles is important before you start to compete or exercise so that you don't pull a muscle. Also if we want to perform at our top level we have to be ready and stretched. Sex is no different especially if you want to try different positions or be creative. Stretching your legs and arms as well as you back and shoulders will help you be more prepared for any position you want to try during you sexual evening. The last thing you want to happen is a cramp or a muscle pull during the act of making love. Nothing kills the mood more then having to stop to rub a cramp out or being unable to finish because of a muscle pull. You might think that sex isn't that physically demanding. I don't know about you but I want my sex to be physically demanding! Make stretching part of your foreplay and now it doesn't become a chore it becomes a fun intimate experience for the two of you. A word of advise, stretch those PC muscles to for an even more fun sexual experience.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grilling for love

We are almost into the grilling season. The grills are getting cleaned up, we are getting our cooking utensils out of the hibernation caves and the family is ready to taste that wonderful food from the grill. However, are you just going to do burgers most of the time again this year? There are so many romantic and tasty meals that you can cook on your grill making it an adventure every time you light up the grill. There are marinates that you can use on your meat, be it chicken, beef or pork. Just as in your relationship you need to get some variety in your diet. Don't just think about the meat vegetables and even fruit can add a flare to your meal. Making you look like the type of cook that will get lots of kisses from your partner. There are so many recipe sites and application on the web and even your phone for that matter. I even saw a application for the Nintendo DS that had a complete library of recipes on it. Use spices and salts to doctor up your food making it a sensual experience for your family each time. Plan ahead and be ready for each and every time you cookout. Not only will it make you look good but you might get rewarded by your partner for being the TOP CHEF.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Be ready to be flexible.

Being a couple is full of compromises. When you have two or more peoples lives living out of the same house then you really have to be prepared for those unexpected things that pop up. Way back when a time when you were not it a relationship you only had to worry about things that directly effected you. Now that you are in a relationship you have to worry about not only your issues but your partners as well. Not to mention if you have kids that you have to be really flexible to keep up with them. You might have made plans to go out on a date with your partner when all of the sudden your child finds out they made the spelling bee championships on the same night. Whoops, change of plans, you will now be attending the spelling bee. However, here is the kicker to keep your relationship strong you have to reschedule that evening out for the two of you. Maybe even make it later in the evening or the next night. The one thing you can to is forget about it. That puts you on the fast track of not doing anything to improve or make your relationship exciting. Compromises will arise all the time but you have to bend and twist with them to make it all work out. Because it all is important.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter is a time of renewal.

Easter if you are a religious person marks the returning of Jesus. If you are not then easter marks the returning of life in the form of flowers, and plants. Which ever you believe make it a point to renew you love on easter. Get out and enjoy the warm weather and the purity that is nature with each other. Breath in the fresh air and breath fresh life into your relationship. Sit down and think for a minute about why you fell in love with your mate, are those qualities still there. If you say no then you might need to look a little deeper. People do change over time so maybe there is something new that you are thankful for in your partner. Don't let your love slip away from you, it is time to put focus back into your relationship. Things outside are starting to spring back to life and your relationship if not it them best shape should take a note from nature and revive it's self. Show this post your your partner and let them get their own take on it and then together sit down and list the qualities that you love about your partner on a piece of paper. Then exchange them and see what you think about each other. This is a great exercise to keep your relationship strong and vibrant. Do not put down anything negative as we want to focus on the positive. List personalty traits, their physical apprearance, as well as the great things they do for you and the community. What your partner swell with pride as the read the great things that you think about them. Easter again is a time for renewal so take the time to renew your feelings about the person you love the most.