Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ladies committed relationships allow you to explore your slutty side.

Ladies you spend your entire life trying to keep that good girl image, to attract the kind of men that you can spend the rest of your life with. Ever since high school you didn't want to be called a slut or be to easy because it would ruin your reputation. Well once you get into a committed relationship you can throw all that out the window. Once you find a person you feel you can spend the rest of your life with and that you have plenty of time invested in, you can let your guard down a little and explore that dark side that you always had to keep under wraps. Go out and purchase some sex under clothes or maybe even some leather under clothes. Pick out dark colors such as black and red to get away from soft pastel colors you might have worn in the past. Get online and pick out some sex toys to try out with your partner, and start tearing down the wall that has tried to keep you in the good girl image all these years. Believe me you mate will be ecstatic with you new found sexual prowess. Life is way to short and when you have the relationship you want firmly in your grasp it is time to let loose and enjoy the sex that god created for us to frolic in. Don't wait until it's to late, start today.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Can you use sex as cure all?

In most surveys people that claim to have the best relationships also have the best sex lives. In turn people that seem to be in the best of health, also report that their sex life is an important part of their routine. Doctors also will tell you that sex releases hormones that help to treat headaches, and pain. Orgasms are like a euphoric drug when it release the chemicals that cause a state of relaxation. With all this said what the hell is the question about sex, why would anyone not desire these things. How can you justify refusing your partner any of these things either? Increasing your life span, having a great relationship, feeling great what else do you want. Nothing is more fun then experiencing these things together while you are building a strong relationship. Now why are you sitting here still reading? Get your but out there and help your partner out.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Set goals for SEX!

We get so busy in our day to day life that sometimes our sex life gets left behind. We want to be intimate with your partner but things keep getting in the way. Things like sickness, kids, work, family, the list goes on and on. Let me ask you this how many of you out there have had a fun evening planned that would end up with the two of you making love for hours, only to have something happen to disrupt your plans. Well you are not alone and when this happens it seems to throw you off and it's hard to get that special date back. I want to suggest setting a number of times a month to have sex. Be it 4 or 16 times a month that is between the two of you, the only rule is you have to stick to it. Want to gamble a bit on it then throw numbers in a hat and at the beginning of the month pull one out and bam that is how many times you are required to make love this month. Once you agree no backing out set a reward for the two of you for hitting your goal, like a nice dinner out or a little trip. Now it is both of your responsibility to make sure you hit the number. I don't care if you have to make love 3 times the last day you make sure you do it. This helps you form a more important commitment to each other and working for the goal together can be fun and exciting. Keep a countdown on the wall, no one else will know what it is for but the two of you. Once you hit your goal then celebrate break out some champagne and do it right. Then set a goal for the next month.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Being There

Sad or bad times are guaranteed to hit your relationship at some time or another. I am not talking about relationship troubles but the ones that come in from the outside of your relationship. How do you handle it when something happens to upset your partner or upset the both of your? How do you comfort you partner to make them feel better? There is no formula you can follow, because everyone is different. While some people need space others need comfort. You cannot judge your partner by what they need. If they need space as hard as it might be you need to give it to them. However if they need the physical comfort you should be there for them in that manner also. You need to find that specific way that you can make your partner feel good. Some people might want to get away and take a trip, while others might want to just hunker down a home. What ever you find that works just make sure you are there as a means of support. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your partner and your relationship.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You don't have to fit a type.

One thing people believe is that you have to fit a specific sexual type. The thing that if you are into bondage you always do that or that if you are into role play you constantly have to dress into character. Well this is crazy, I know that couples can hit several different moods that will change their sexual desires and fantasies as they love and grow together. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be tied up one time and wanting to be passionate and slow the next. This is the spice of life. You can keep your relationship moving forward by understanding this important issue. Say you partner likes you to dress in leather, that doesn't mean that every time you have sex you have to be the leather person. I personally have several different tastes and think that it makes me love sex even more by switching them up. I don't want to get into a pattern where it is the same constantly. Mix it up a bit, not only does this make things interesting but it allows you to try new things that might become high on your favorites list. Sex is the glue that hold all the other important parts of a relationship together. It is the basic nature of our attraction, so put it high on your list. Try different and fun things your partner and you will be glad you did.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Stress

Once you become a couple you have to share almost everything. Stress is one of these things that has to be shared. No matter whose has the stress it creeps into both of your lives. When one partner is stressed the other will surely feel the effects of this stress. The other partner might be grouchy or upset, or they might with drawl totally form the relationship for a while. The best method to combat this is take the stress on head first. Dive into the problem that is effecting your partner and see if you can help with a solution or just be an open ear to listen. Sometimes just getting the stress out in the open is enough for your partner to start feeling less stressed. Sometimes their stress demands attraction, don't try to avoid the stress that only makes it worse on both of you. Try to come to a solution and work around it the best you can. Once the stress passes you partner will be so greatfull to you that they might treat you a little special for putting up with their stress problems. If you think you will never have stress in your relationship you are in for a big surprise. No matter how comfortable you are something somewhere, some time will bring the ugly stress monster into your life.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Don't use you partner as a punching bag.

Do you direct all your anger at you partner? If so is that fair? Why do we blow our top at our partner? Why don't we direct you anger at the area that causes it? Does work make you anger and you bring it home? These questions I believe that you already know the answer to. You partner does not deserve to be your punching bag. Yes they need to be there to support you when you are having a bad time of it. However if you want to keep your relationship strong you need to try and focus the anger in another way. Maybe exercise would do it for you, or maybe something artistic, heck you can even take it out by having sex. Just to come home and unload on your partner is not fair to them or you. This only creates a feeling of trying to stay out of you way for your partner. Why would they want to be your support if all you do is direct the anger at them? Think about that for a while, then the next time you have a bad day and come home angry try a different approach. Calmly sit down and explain your feelings to your partner, don't raise you voice or throw things. Allow your partner time to process these feelings and help you direct them in positive ways. Not only will the two of you feel better but most likely the problem will become less of a stress to your relationship.