Saturday, February 13, 2010

Be prepared for Valentine's Day next year.

Here is a wonderful idea, the only downfall to it is that you have to wait until next year at Valentine's Day to enjoy it. Basically all you do is start writing down all the sweet and wonderful things your partner does for you in a journal. You do this day in and day out for an entire year, then next year at Valentine's Day you present this journal to your partner with a card attached that says here are some of the reasons this past year that you made me feel special. Now you can't just have one or two things written down in this journal. Make it a point to fill the journal up. Your partner will have a great time reading through the little notes on things that they did the past year to make you feel special. In fact, by writing these things down you to will gain more appreciation for your partner and all they do for you. Have a great Valentine's Day tomorrow and show you love how important they are to you.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sex tip for Valentine's Day

Want to create a wonderful sensation for your the partner, in your life, this Valentine's Day. Well here is a sex tip that is sure to drive her/him wild and give him a wonderful Valentine's Day present. All you need is a bottle of champagne and the willingness to perform oral sex on them. What you do is take a drink of the champagne right before you begin to pleasure them orally then make a seal with your mouth against their genitals. Now for the excitement factor begin to move the champagne around your mouth using your tongue. This will create bubbles that will begin to tickle and tease your partners genitals and is a wonderful sensation for them. Take turns performing this trick on each other just make sure neither one of you has to drive anywhere because not only will you be woozy from the champagne but also from the great sex you will be having afterwards.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Come on it's Valentine's Day wear some lingerie

Lingerie has long been a part of Valentine's Day, it's sexy and sends a direct message to your partner. That message is I love you and want you to desire me. Now while lingerie is sexy and hot you have to bring a little attitude with it to really pull the sexy part of it off. Someone shy in lingerie is cute but their is something special about someone that is aggressive in their pursuit of you. Victoria's Secret is obviously a great place to purchase your lingerie they have some amazing and wonderful products. However, they are a bit on the high side of the cost scale not that their items aren't worth it. If you need a little more budget conscience lingerie don't be afraid to search the internet to get a less expensive items. Don't stop with just lingerie but oils and toys can make a delightful Valentine's day. The beauty of lingerie is that it is a present for both partners the one who receives it obviously but it is also a great present for the person you are wearing it for. Think sexy this Valentine's day and show your partner how much they mean to you, by showing them the time of their life.

Picture from Victoria's Secret online Catalog.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be My Valentine

Want to do something sweet and adorable for Valentine's Day? Think back to when you were very little and some of your very first Valentine's Days. Did you ever send the not to the young boy/girl that said, "Will you be my Valentine?" then finished it with "Circle YES or NO" then you had your friend give it to the person you thought was cute and waited to get the note back. Well do that again only this time give it to your spouse, lover, partner, mate who ever is in your life that you care about deeply. Sure it may be a little silly but what is life without laughter and fun. If your lucky you might get it back with a big circle around the YES. Have a great Valentine's Day and enjoy the love in your life.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quit making excuses.

Today is the day to start leaving the excuses behind. This goes for everything from your relationship, your future, your parenting, to your sex life. Stop hiding behind those excuses that you have build into your defense system. No more fears, sickness, whining, all you need is a boost of confidence. Here is a stat that got me off my butt and got me moving on my blogs and writing, most people fail at what they are doing, the success stories are about 1 in 1000. My feeling is if I try 1000 things then one of them will work and put me over the top. This goes for all your relationship need also. Most people will give up right before they get to that one thing that changes everything. I feel that this is the case in most divorces, that these people are just on the edge of getting into their groove when they decide it's not worth it. This is my message to your don't give up so easy, as long as there is no abuse or anything else that would put you in danger. Put forth the best effort you can at building the best relationship you can. Stop doing those things that are harming you relationship. Lower you defenses and replace them with effort. Go get counseling if you need it, suck it up. If sex is your problem make a commitment to start putting more effort into finding what works for the two of you. If you don't thing your parenting skills are as good as they could be then get your ass out their and read parenting books or scour the internet and find the information you need to make yourself the best parent you can be. Here is the secret to overcoming every problem that faces you in a relationship, are you ready? "Never stop trying to improve"

Monday, February 8, 2010

A vibrator for Him?????

When you in a spot to focus on intimacy there are several things that you just assume are the normal and don't question them. One of those such subjects is that vibrators are just for women and while they are great for women, they can be used on your gentlemen friends also. Think for a minute, a vibrator is designed to stimulate your senses no where does it say that it can only be used by a woman or on a woman. Vibrators can be used for simple massage if nothing else. It just so happens that they are great for stimulating the clitoris of a woman. Have you ever thought about using it on the taint of a man? This area seems to get forgotten in most intimate settings but using a vibrator on it can push your man over the edge. A vibrator can also be used on a man's penis, his scrotum, or even his anus to add pleasure to your foreplay. Ladies it is time to share you pleasure instruments with you male partners, you can even us it at the same time by putting it between both of you in areas that would be touching. One couple will insert the man's erect penis into the woman and then use the vibrator on the part of his shaft on the outside of her and not only does he get the good vibes but she feels them also as they are transferred from his penis to her vagina. Do a little experimenting and see what works best for the two of you, make sure to email me with anything that you find really works well and we will pass it along to the other readers.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl - Super Relationship

Today is on of the most important days to a football fan. A conclusion of the football season tops off today with the Super Bowl. While the Colts and Saints are poised to take the top spot it gives you a chance to become closer as a couple. Even if you are not a football fan most people find themselves watching this game.

With all this in mind it is a good time for the two of your to set up a tradition. Maybe it might be inviting all your friends over for a Super Bowl Party or a major relationship bet on the game. Major relationship bets would include things that might involve chores, gifts or even sexual favors. Some ideas for chore bets would be the loser has to clean out the closets, or on the gift side the loser might have to fix a four course dinner for the winner. On the sexual side I will leave that one up to you.

Start the tradition today with this Super Bowl if you don't have on it place already. Then each and every year you will be ready knowing the Super Bowl is approaching. You might even start watching football a little closer if you can find some interest in the game. Which ever way you decide to celebrate that Super Bowl make sure to make it something the two of you can enjoy together. If nothing else the commercials can be entertaining as much as the game. So get your food ready and prepare for the battle and a relationship builder.

Picture above features Drew Brees and Peyton Manning the two competing quarterbacks in this years Super Bowl.